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  1. what to do when your OH isn't into anything much?

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    KebertXela wrote:

    Stop trying to get your partners to read FSOG.

    Its rubbish.

    Grey is mentaly unwell!

    Hes a bad break up away from freezing girls in carbonite.

    made me laugh out loud!!!

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    hi there me and my girlfriend have been together 6 years now but we have had the same problem for quite a while and it felt so hard get round she wasnt keen when i mentioned doing new things and she thaught it would completley change us and lead to other things but we didnt really communicate wen it came to sexy time and we kind of did the same thing for quite a while but sitting down and talking about it propperly seemed to do the trick i just asked her if we could seriously have a chat about it not getting embarresed or laffing about anythin we talked about things like wot were really into wot and things were not but maybe try to see if we like it we talked about wot we would both get out of doing something new and if ur not comfortable with doing talk about it instead of hiding it or ignoring it . This worked out really well for us and we both feel comfortable and confident when were having sex now and trying new things is great he wont no wot he missing try telling him how good it will feel for him and how much pleasure ull will be giving him whilst trying new stuff. he mite not feel confident enough to try new things because you seem quite confident about it. thats wot our problem was till we just got everything out in the air understood each other propperly an im glad we did :)

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    My oh is great in that respect she will pretty much try anything just gonna try some pegging real soon .probably the kinkiest were gonna go


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    Cummunication, communication keep talking to him. You look a very sexy woman, keep doing what ever you want he will get there. There isnt a red blooded male that doesnt get turned on by his woman trying to get him horny by any meens available to her. Be confident in your own body and sexuality and you will get there. Keep us posted

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