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  1. Sex positive to you?


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    Glenmorangie is currently my fave Ork. Down the hatch.

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    Ork wrote:

    So drinking with stuburns aside for a moment XD

    Is it the same as sexual happiness?

    Seems like from the link Alice kindly posted its more like an openmindedness and acceptance of sex and sexuality - no matter what gets you off (consensually) rather than judgement, and the attitude perhaps that sex should be so hidden away. Worth a look if you didn't already. That's what I got from it :) x

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    Hi female half of the couple here. It was himself getting all philosophical at 9am!

    By sex positivism do you mean the feminist position which embraces open sexuality and often gets a bashing from more radical feminists?

    According to Wiki "Sex positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. The sex-positive movement is a social and philosophical movement that advocates these attitudes. The sex-positive movement advocates sex education and safer sex as part of its campaign".

    This sounds a lot like the LH philosophy now that I think about it. I think people sometimes think that sex-positive means porn-positive which is not the case.

    However, I do agree with my OH in that the word 'positivism' is inappropriately used interchangeably with 'positive'. Positivism is something very different.

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    What the hell are you all talking about??? Going to watch the cricket

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    Janny wrote:

    What the hell are you all talking about??? Going to watch the cricket

    I'm with you mate - break out the Glenmorange !! #confused_dot_com

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