1. Embarrasment at the Post Office

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    All my LH parcels get delivered to my OHs office as our house is hard to access. There's currently a massive pile of LH boxes sat waiting, his staff are nosey so I'm fairly sure they'll google the return address, they'll just be jealous though!

    someone who shares the building accidentally received a parcel not from LH which they opened before giving it back to us, it was only a cd but I can only imagine her face seeing our leg spreader!

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    My father in law keeps asking my hubby why we keep getting parcels lol
    He's told them I'm helping with an online auction pmsl

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    Lovehoney - Alice wrote:

    SN wrote:

    First of all, I just want to say that this has NEVER happened before- so I dont want to discourage anyone who does need to return something or is using (or working in) the Post Office.

    Right. So I had a couple of things to return to LH, so I had them packaged up in a padded envelope with LH's pre-printed returns address on the front, and I went off to my local post office to send it off- primarilly to retain a proof of postage receipt, which you must do when returning anything to ANYBODY- top tip for using ebay too.

    Now, normally everything goes smoothly, they weigh the packet, type in the returns address, check with you that there isn't anything hazardous in there and print you off a receipt. But today... yeah. it went slightly differently. The lady asked me what was inside. And of course, that just stumped me. Because, in a crowded and overly hot little post office, what am I supposed to announce- 'I've got some lube and a sex-toy I'm returning to my favourite online sex-shop'? And of course, this lady kept on persisting that she needed to know. And I just couldn't come up with anything to say- I mean, what do I say which is close enough to the truth? She then tried helping with what seemed like a game of '20 questions'- 'is it clothing?'- no (it's heavier then a couple of T-shirts), 'it is books?'- no (it's not that heavy!). And I just.... I dont know what to do, what to say. She's still insisting that she needs to know. She then decides to hand me the poster of 'restricted and dangerous things' to check that there wasn't any of that in there. Nope, its perfectly safe, I just dont want to say it out loud in a crowded room. After a while she resists, at least knowing that it's not unsafe. I think she might have gotten the picture of what type of thing I was probably returning, because she started smirking. But... I've NEVER had an episode like that in the Post Office ever before.

    I'm just wondering, if anyone has encountered any similar problems at the post office, or being required to tell strangers (or not strangers) whats in those funny blank boxes you keep getting/returning?

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions what I could possibly say should I (or anyone else reading) be asked the same question- 'what is inside the box'? Thanks!

    Goodness, what horrible service. I'm really sorry that you had to go through that with someone who should have demonstated much better customer service.

    Seeing as I work at Lovehoney, I would have been tempted to say butt plugs :D. But more seriously, just "Electricals" might be the way to go? Could specify low value if they get concerned.

    DavidB1986 wrote:

    SN wrote:

    I just... complete mind blank. And yeah, I was fuming. I just had no idea what to say. I did say, a couple of times that 'I don't want to say', but she actually insisted that they needed to know what were inside any parcels. I just... yeah, as you say, fuming, but so bloody deeply embarrased- because what the hell can I answer to her. You'll have to excuse me- this quite literally happened just one hour ago.

    No, you're right, they don't have have a right to ask- and it has always previously been just checking for dangerous or hazardous stuff. I honestly dont know where her questioning came from... It was also so hot in that post office, any brain-cells I had just weren't working either.

    In future, i'd be tempted to package any return items in a non-descript box, rather than an envelope - it disguised any irregular shapes and you can make up absolutely anything as to whats in there.

    They maybe a little costlier than padded envelopes, but you're less likely to suffer any future embarassment, although hopefully this was just a one off with a rather indignant postal worker!

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    This is so unfair. I feel for you that you got such disgusting customer service. I hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone else again.
    As for what to say, I would probably also get a mind block.. Then would probably blurt out "none of your nosey business, but sex toys and lube... Happy now?!" in an angry/embarrassed tone.
    Horrible situation. Good old karma will take care of her.

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    I got asked this once and it was a vibrating butt plug inside the package and I just said it was an electrical item but it would of been funny to see the reaction if I did say what was in the parcel

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    I'm from the Republic of Ireland and whenever I send anything to the UK I have to write what it is on the outside (which sucks when sending presents because they know what it is before they open it ) and they always read it or ask what it is. Ofcourse, we're not allowed to send liquids to the UK so wouldn't be able to return lube etc anyways, but I think everything else could fit under "electricals" or "toys" If they wanted something more specific I'd just tell them exactly what it was. They don't really care what it is, they're just asking because its their job! Unless, like in Wildcherry's case, they are interested in it item themselves, in which case there's no reason to be embarrassed

    When I was living at home and recieving both orders and testers from Lovehoney my parents kept asking me what was in my parcels! I just told them I was a tester for "Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people" and that it was "condoms and stuff". I got things like bath oil and tights while I was at home, so showed them them, which was a bad idea because my mum now wants to see my reviews!

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    If im returning parcels or even sending parcels and the Post office ask me (which there really not supposed to as none of there business and they should just be grateful were using them and not courier companies) I just say that I don't know as sending it off for a friend or relative or just go with something similar like others have said electrical goods or toys as people will assume childrens toys not adult ;)

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    I have learned to smile sweetly and say I'm returning toys to a catalogue company. It's true..... Just not the kind of toys they're thinking of!!

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    The post office really don't care, you know? They just need to know if its food, liquid, electrical, or battery powered. They're really not bothered what it actually is.

    You also wouldn't be the first person to tell them you're returning a vibrator etc, so....

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    I'd say an assortment of sex toys that didn't meet my needs, you're most welcome to open them if you'd like..... and laugh.

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    At my local post office they used to ask what you were posting all the time. I'd just say "A massager" or "massage items" and let them come to their own conclusions.

    Now, though, my post office has translated to 100% self checkout for parcels being posted which makes things considerably easier.

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    I would have smiled looked into her eyes and said "9 inch Black rubber Dildo" lol

    Then watched her get all uncomfortable looooooooooooooool

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    I recently had to return an item, the guy didn't ask what was in the parcel at all,although I work, there too, it's possible he recognised the return address and decided simply not to ask!

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    I badly packed a parcel before sending it to OHs office to be posted. His receptionist had to repackage it, it was a glass dildo a but plug and a stroker lol she's friends with the OH and they're having sex problems, and are taking an interest now OH wants to buy them a tenga

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    Talk about embarrassment. The contents of our packages need to actually be seen when sent internationally! I really thought I'd keep more of a straight face when she saw I had a vibrator in. I'm envying you all only having to say what's inside. :D

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    Seeing as I work at Lovehoney, I would have been tempted to say butt plugs :D. But more seriously, just "Electricals" might be the way to go? Could specify low value if they get concerned.

    That comment just made me squirt hot coffee out my nose from laughing so hard!

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    In my country, DHL or Postal service must ask you what's inside any parcel and estimated value of the items (no matter if you're going to ship by standard or tracked & signed mail). In this particular case, I simply said 'Toys' and the amount in euros (just what I'd been charged by LH in GBP currency).

    Frankly, I don´t understand what all of you have to complain about. Furthermore, I almost sure you can describe the items inside your parcel as you'd rather. If anybody feel ashamed of returning a sex toy by that issue...may be are not still ready to buy or use them after all.

    Unfortunately, many people may refuse to accept the awesome policy of returns of LH (get their money back or change a wrong/faulty item) by the reason you mention in this post. As long as you're not abusing their policy, why are you so worried?. Like many others, I truly consider that a 365 day no-quibble returns policy is a big plus of confidence to buy from this website.

    This is an old post, but trust to be of any help to others.

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    Quite a few of my toys have been shipped to me as 'silicone statues', I mean, come on? Everyone knows its a box of dildos with that written on it right! I dont find it embaressing though, I mean I had someone from TV lisencing check out my flat to check I actually didn't have a tv and just left my collection of toys laying around.

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    To be honest, I wouldn't care if a courier or the people at the post office knew what I had ordered and I wouldn't be bothered to tell them that it's sex toys if I was returning something


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    Wouldn't bother me!!! Gives the posties something to giggle about I guess!!!

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