1. Fresh ideas for dirty talk 'topics'??!!

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    I would really like to try it but I don't want to sound too porn filmy if you know what I mean!

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    I've found that OH can't talk dirty, hes hopeless, he actually sounds like a nervous virgin so i dont push and i just talk for him. i tend to say the same things often, but its just stuff that i know gets him going e.g. if i want to get him in the mood i just mention stuff like im not wearing any knickers, or im off to the loo to get rid of them etc. sometimes i pass them to him to look after ;)

    If its during i massage his ego, tell him how good/deep/great/big he is and that works well but i would say the thing that really gets him going the most is telling him exactly what i like in graphic detail. he likes it if during foreplay i tie him down. blindfold him and just give him a massage whilst i tell him what i want and what i like. i can actually watch him squirm doing it.

    My advice is dont be nervous, the pressure is in your head and honestly i have shocked my OH telling him what i want before but that was even more of a turn on for him.

    I have to say im so thankful OH is on the same wavelength as me!!!


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    From experience i have found its best to talk over with the person your OH or whoever what they like during sex and there fantasys first. Part of my job is dirty talking and i found it so awkward at first i was like ah what am i doing. But i found the majority of men enjoy vulgar language, over the top discriptions. For example describing every little thing you feel during the sex and every sensation.

    Fantasy wise is alot easier if you can't be creative with words on the spot. Find out if he likes naughty secretaries or has a medical fetish, then you can act like one for him. I think it is also alot easier when he is talking dirty back to you cause then you have something to feed off of. The more you practice to the less awkward its going to be. Alot of the time i have found myself recording me saying dirty things and listening back to see if they sound right lol. But i think the main thing is just to enjoy the moment, and be prepared but have a spontaneous attitude about it so it doesn't sound scripted.

    ( I appologise for my spelling)

    I hope this is helpful for you Just remember 'overly discriptive'. As if you are describing the sex to a blind person.

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    Dirty talk is quite repetitive in what you say. With the OH overseas a lot we tend to have phone sex, and it does get repetitive with what can be said, but I've learnt to just accept it. He enjoys it and it makes him finish (And get hard) very quickly when I really go for it.

    And it makes me feel great. I actually really enjoy saying a few things which I know will turn him on instantly the second he's about to go out, because then he's out for a few hours and knowing he wants me is a great turn on for me, then he'll come home and 'attack' me it's great. Would be much better if he was here. But atm it's words, he loves it when I tell him that I'm wet for him, and how much I miss him inside me, and cumming all over him. I'll then go into great detail about what I'm doing to myself ect.

    I really don't think they mind that it's the same thing over. I know when he's talking to me, I don't care that he's said it before, because I'm still turned on about it wanting it and wanting him.

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    Thanks everyone there's some really good advice in there - explicitness and STOP pressuring myself! xx

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