1. Anal pleasures - alone or with OH?

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    I have recently ventured into some anal play, away from my OH. She knows all about it but originally we both agreed we weren't sure, especially about doing it together.

    Well we've spoken about it quite a lot since then, both because of experimenting separetely with our own anal play and together with her anal play - she's done herself alone once, inserting a butt plug.

    Well I've expressed what I think about doing it during our together times - yes that sounds corny - and she still feels awkward about it but agrees if I was already wearing a butt plug she wouldn't tell me to take it out or anything.

    I've shown her strap on's on here that I've considered for us, partly for use and partly out of intruige, but she's not quite comfortable.

    Basically I really don't know where this could lead with us. Our sex life is amazing, more than that, but this could go anywhere within the dimensions of how great it already is.


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    i dont get time for solo play to be honest

    but me and my OH do both really enjoy anal together

    if she isnt comfortable though she may not enjoy it, my OH wasnt keen at first but now is different

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    Anal play is fun solo, but I find it so much better with the OH, its just so much more fulfilling.

    Yes it took the OH a bit of time getting used to the strapon but she love sit now. He He.

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    I always play solo...

    BF wants to take it to next level (involving him) but I'm not readyfor that yet.

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    Tried solo but enjoy more with OH. Fairly new to it but have enjoyed her fingers more than toys. Somehow it felt more personal. I usually have to feel very relaxed. When I haven't been I've not enjoyed it.

    Want to try a few more intense toys as those ones I have tried so far havven't done much for me.

    Don't think OH has ever tired solo (but I dcould be wrong) . She usually saves it for whne she's feeling really dirty and has me in her.

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    I play solo though would love for the OH to join in again. She did play very early on when I told her I liked anal, but hasn't for some time now so it's down to me with her knowledge the I have to satisfy my needs by my self.


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    I think it much more nicer with a partner. But solo is good to Practice.

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    Practice makes perfect! But I agree Loliipop it's much better with a partner.

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