1. too much?

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    Id say that you will probably find you enjoy yourself more if you don't allow yourself to masturbate on certain days, for example every second day. That way the anticipation and denial will build up when you do allow yourself to. This should help if you find that you are been aroused less often and aren't are satisfied when you are.

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    i really hope not.

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    I know it's possible to overdo it because many years ago I pounded my cock to about 7 orgasms in one day and something 'went wrong' as a result. It's a subtle change but the particular common technique I was using has ever since not been ideal during orgasm, so I've had to adapt. I have no idea what I did and I'm not inclined to seek help regarding it, but if it happened to me, I expect it could happen to others.

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    Nameless. You say "pounded" like you were really going for it. I guess you may have caused some slight damage if you have had a minor issue ever since.

    The only thing I will say is that there is a difference between "Too much" and "too hard" I know that having one orgasm makes me have to work harder for the next so I assume that is why you descibe "Pounding" out 7 orgasms. I think I would have to pound too! lol

    The OP asked if "too much" masturbation can desensitise you. I stick with my original answer on that. It is entirely possible that "Too hard" masturbation could cause damage though!

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