1. Help needed with what one to buy please


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    Hi all :). I wonder if you would help me please. See I've been looking to buy an Inflatable Vibrating toy and I was just wondering witch one out of these three is the best one? Inflatable Vibrating Dildo? Or Inflatable Vibrating Butt plug? Or Inflatable Vibrating Anal beads? Ps as you probably gussed is for anal use, and also to stretch me out, thanks very much for any help :D

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    First of all, a durable medical-style bulb with a metal valve is a good idea. One does not jump on anal toys from a height, and by the same token no one should express-deflate, as that really strains the tissues. I recommend narrowing the choices to only such items that allow for very slow deflation.

    An inflatable plug is fun to have, but if it is too large, the balloon expansion will open up the sigmoig colon, and it is very likely that there will be an involuntary bowel movement involved. I think short plugs are best. I have had several, and only one did not make me 'go'. it is worth remembering also that such an inflatable plug does nothing to train the sphincter. Infladildos are good for that, but then again, only to some extent. Apart from sheer inflation pressure, inflaplugs are good for getting used to something long and girthy. Otherwise, they do not have much application. Another thing to keep in mind is that usually materials from which these things are made preclude usage of silicone lubricants.

    Infladildos, if done right, are good for sphincter expansion training. But one can easily go too far. Most of these are balloons, and due to physics of compressed gases, most of the inflation will end up inside the rectum, and outside the butt entirely. Balloons really suck in this respect. there are not too many to choose either, and all will be disappointing. That at least is my experience. Also, plenty of stuff on offer is really, really poor quality. Then there are solid sheath infladildos, but these are only in very large sizes, and inflate to 30% extra girth at the most. I have spent more money on inflatables than I want to remember, and ended up with two, neither of them balloon-based. I'm absolutely sure both of them will be too large for you, so I have nothing to recommend.

    Never heard of inflatable anal beads... ;)

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    Looking around theres various "aids" but havent seen any inflatable beads.

    Came across a vibrating anal probe you could use in the shower with a suction fitting on the base to fix it to a tile or maybe glass shower cabinet.

    Also as advised, various shaped inflatables, some quite elegant looking some plain "sausage shaped" with valved bulb.

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    ps, theres a video of the inflatable beads that look more like a sausage with bumps, (LH sell one) but it goes in "bumpy" but once inflated the bumps kinda dissolve and on exit the device takes on the shape of an ordinary inflated plug.

    theres some really nice metal beads all stainless steel and ploished chrome looking ones i`d guess could be heated and/or cooled.

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    I would suggest dildo as your wanting it to be your partner to replace the dildo so a butt plug doesnt offer the same shape ect of a penis so I would go for a dildo . Some great ones on LH




    Good luck finding the one you want

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