1. What is your OH best at?

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    making a mess!

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    Got to be oral, i love it when i can lie partially on my side and strandle his tongue, he works into open areas, then fingers either or both holes, amazing. Its the time he takes, bringing to the edge then retreating, i beg for more......

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    My oh is great in bed she pleases me in lots of different ways which all feel fantastic she's also my best friend and she's really great at being that

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    Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

    Not listening

    VioletWolf wrote:

    Annoying me

    Excellent replies Ladies.

    Wifey would probably say I was a good kisser (mouth to mouth) or neck thats my speciality! Slow, quick, rough, and smooth. Mind you I should be reasonably good at it after all that practising over the years!

    As for wifey, well she can work magic with both her hands and mouth, and at the same time!

    What a lucky guy I am!!

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    Mrs tj has two specialties for me - the first seems to be a fairly common choice - BJ's. Honestly, she's outstanding, even down to the way she looks up to make eye contact while she's down there. It drives me wild! The second is when she's on top, sitting upright and rolling her hips with me inside her. If she's looking for an extremely quick finish then that's her go to move as she knows how much I struggle to contain myself in that position. Only once have I been lucky enough to experience that with a mirror behind her so I could watch and that was somehow even better - I'm a very visual person and love to look at every inch of her while we're playing.

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    It's got to be giving a BJ especially if im filming her, she love performing for the camera. Its the way she teases my shaft with her tounge and teeth before taking me deep into her throat, and while she's doing all that, the way she plays with my balls and bum hole...... she's absolutely amazing.


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    My OH is best at using me and humiliating me.

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    Have to say i'm married to the greatest pussy eater in the world, gets his reward every time!!!!

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    Neck kissing and spanking 👍🏼

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    I can bang a few nails in and lay a carpet, or hang a door but she is great up a ladder with a pack of solid emulsion.


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    My Oh is best at being the perfect woman for me (grab the sick bags I know) but it's the truth

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    My O. H does these lovely butterfly kisses down my neck giving me goosebumps.
    Also very good at Nipple play and oral.

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    Taking it in all holes

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    She's best at doing whatever it takes to please me, sexually and general ( which is not easy 🙄)

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    Blow jobs. She could get me off in less than a min and she loves it. Always remember a particularly steamy drive that finished with me pulling over and her sucking me off. I must have lasted 30secs and busted a huge load! She swallowed every last drop like the good girl she is.

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    We have a very varied, dirty and adventurous sex life where every hole we've got between us is used and explored and it's amazing. Amazingly reading through the replies lots of men give the same answer to this thread and I'm no different! My OH speciality is giving blow jobs, she was always great at BJ's but she decided to teach herself how to do deep throat to take it to the next level and has no problem with swallowing. She has got that good at it that she knows how to make me cum in seconds if a cheeky quick one is required!

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    My husband is best at understanding my wants/needs a fulfilling them!!

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