1. If I could say one thing to my OH....

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    Kind of cheating since I don't have a partner but it would be "why aren't you in my life yet?"

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    I'd tell her to call her best friend and get her over for a serious three-way fucking

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    "I want to spend some serious sub/dom time. Both ways round"

    "I wish I had fully explored being a bisexual before I got into a serious relationship with a guy"

    "We're long distance, it's hard, and sometime I wish it was okay to cry with happiness after sex when you first get back, but I'm scared you'll freak out on me"

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    to put this on: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22195 and say you will do anything for a pay rise othewise you cant offord the rent

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    FrozenAngel wrote:

    Fluffbags wrote:

    Im the same as Frozen in that everything and anything I am thinking usually spills out of my mouth and as such he knows everything from my desires to the things that piss me off lol I have also passed through this thread a few times and tried to think of something but can't. I dont think this is always a good thing though. It causes fights sometimes lol, especially when I tell him he is clearly wrong! :P Plus it gives him freedom to say whatever he is thinking which is usually...Bitch! lol

    LOL FB! That's my OH's fav name for me too! I just don't have an off switch, if it doesn't just spill out of my mouth, it festers and I eventually blurt it out. And if for some odd reason I don't blurt it out I talk in my sleep and what we dubbed 'my subconscious' would tell him anyways.

    Same! I'm glad its not just me! Xx

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