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  1. Douche/Anal Safety Query

    Hawkward [sign in to see picture]
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    Hey, while there have been previous threads on this topic, I wanted to bring it up again as I feel it didn't completely assure me about if I'm going about douching right.

    I bought the ever popular Beginners Basic Anal Douche a few weeks ago. I've mostly been using it to get used to the douching process, as opposed to preparing myself for solo anal play.

    However while cleaning, I noticed that after a couple rinses, the water is completely clear, afterwards, I have a very clear liquidy goo that's slightly stool coloured. So I wasn't sure if that was me at the point of being clean, or if I had a lot left in my system to rid of.

    Thing is, I don't want to overuse the douche, while I make sure to use warm soapy water, and know that it's relatively safe, I can't help but feel that I could be cautious. I know that people can rinse from anywhere from half an hour, up to an hour and a half, currently i can't gauge that exact point of clean since I am getting that mixture of clear water, and gooey lquid.

    This also serves for general purpose for myself, and not just sexual, I've had irregular bowells for a couple of years,and produce a lot less regular poop than the... "contrary" (without being graphic of course)..

    In any case, am I going about it right?


    Lastly, a question about butt plugs. I have two butt plugs - Lovehoney Booty Buddy and Doc Johnson Medium butt plug. While the first one is so snug that I can't feel it, Doc Johnson's fits, but I can't in any way sit, or clench my butt cheeks while laying down without having an uncomfortable sensation.

    Was this down to me not being used to the butt plug yet, or possibly something else?

    Many thanks guys!

    dotdashdot [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm not really sure what the goo is to be honest but I'm sure another member on here may be able to enlighten you!

    You should just use warm water, no soap. There's lots of natural bacteria and flora up there that keeps things balanced and using soap could upset things.

    It's completely safe as long as you're not doing it too often so don't worry. I wouldn't do it more than once a week or fortnight.

    Just keep going with it until the water is running clear, wait half an hour and then play.

    The fact that the butt plug is uncomfortable could indicate that you're just not used to it, or that it's a bit too big. I've never tried to sit with one in but I can't imagine that would be comfortable! Maybe it's too long, the base on that toy does look quite big so maybe that's causing the discomfort.

    Fluffbags [sign in to see picture]
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    Sounds like you are doing it right. I have the same douche as you and I use it every few days. For me though its due to IBS and constipation thanks to medication I take and I hate being in uncomfortable pain so I do it every second day, sometimes every day. I have never had any adverse effects and I have been doing it for about a year or two. The only thing I do worry about is that my muscles will weaken because of lack of normal use and I might have problems later in life so I still attempt to go normally as often as I can.

    Anyway, if you have a healthy bowel I would say its kinda normal to pass liquis slightly tainted in colour. Douches only really rinse out the very lower part of your bowel so for deep cleaning you should buy an enema. I guess what is happening is every time you squirt the water up and pass it out, it cleans a little deeper and washes some more down from further up. You can keep on going until you feel clean but a douche simply wont reach deeper so it isnt going to completely clean your tubes. Your bowel will absorb the residual water within half hour to an hour. I would recommend not using soap. Just using water. Soap will mess around with the natural flora in your gut and could cause problems, it may even be the reason your passing goo tbh but I cant be sure.

    As for the butt plugs, its a matter of finding your "ideal" I recommend thinking about 3 things when it comes to butt plugs. 1) The length. The shorter it is the more comfortable it is for more people because longer plugs can prod deeper inside as you move/sit/stand 2) Shape: Plugs that curve will hit your p-spot better and plugs with a decent girth in the centre that slims down to a thin neck are much more likely to stay in place compared to gentle tapers. 3) Materials: the firmer the plug the more you will feel its presence inside. Glass, metal and wood and some silicone plugs are very firm and will not mould to your shape, rather just intrude and make themselves known, which some like and some don't. For a more gentle experience it may be worth finding plugs with more softness and flexibility, much like the booty buddy. Once you narrow down your preferences you can then focus on your ideal girth. Its all trial and error.

    Hawkward [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you both for the tips! I'll be sure to take everything into consideration.

    I had just been douching there, but came to a point that Fluffbags mentioned - the water becomes clean then it gets more stuff from my bowells, I waited a little longer this time, and eventually after stimulating the outer rim of my anus, passed some more poop making things messier than before I started. However ended up feeling a little sick in the stomach after that particular rinse, so I decided to clean up and call it a night.

    As for the butt plugs, it sounds pretty plausible to my situation. I've inserted objects of a similar girth before, but not had the cramped issue with the Doc Johnson butt plug. However I managed to get along very well with "Basic Smoothy Dong". It was longer than the butt plug, but the material felt more pleasant. So you may be onto something there! I'll be more careful of my next butt plug purchase.

    Thanks again, guys,

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