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  1. Recommendations?

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    As a woman, I really struggle to orgasm, both with a partner and on my own. Needless to say, it's pretty frustrating. My main problem is that, after all the build up, I can never quite push myself over the edge. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what I can do to try and improve. Seeing as I'm currently single ideally I want something that will let me orgasm better in my private play.

    I currently have a basic Beginners Basic Lady Lustfinger Vibrator, but it's either not powerful enough or doesn't quite hit the right spots. What other toys would work better, or should I invest in some orgasm gell?

    Fluffbags [sign in to see picture]
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    It took me a while to realise vibrations can feel different and can have completely different effects on me. I can also struggle to orgasm and push myself over.

    Can I ask though, when you play, do you feel like you need to push the vibrator (or your fingers) harder into your clitoris as you get close, or do you prefer having it barely touching you? Do you have one certain spot on your clit that you always need to massage to push yourself over, or can you orgasm just as easily if that spot is not quite touched? (These questions will help us narrow down an ideal toy for you by the way, Im trying not to come across pervy lol) Do you wish, as you get closer to orgasm, that you could just turn your vibrator up one more speed? Do you also need internal stimulation (Fingers, dildos) to orgasm clitorally or do you prefer without anything inserted or are you not fussed either way?

    Once you get back to us, we shall have a better idea of what might suit your tastes better x

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    To be honest, I'm still trying to work out exactly what feels right for me.

    Certianly I wish that my vibe could go higher when I'm playing, as I tend to not be able to max out even when I slowly work up to the highest speed. I tend to push it harder into me as I get close, but that's probably linked for wanting higher powered vibrations. I do seem to have one spot (towards the back of my clit) that's the most sensitive, but even then I still struggle to get over. As for penetration, I do tend to get more pleasure from when I have internal stimulation (but I think I could orgasm without it).

    Hopefully that should give you a few pointers =)

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    Yeh I kinda get the impression you are similar to me in that you are going to need vibrations that are more rumbly and travel deeper into your clitoral tissue. Everything you say here (The pushing the toy in harder, the wishing for more power etc) Two things:

    First of all I would recommend practicing reaching orgasm gently. Whenever you have the time or inclination, try different techniques because it is possible to become accustomed to needing bloody intense vibrators after a while, if you only use powerful toys, you know what I mean?

    But in the meantime you want to get yourself a more powerful and potentially less surface level buzzy vibrator. The problem is, these are gunna cost you a little more than the Lustfinger. Here are some recommendations:

    Probably the best bullet vibe ever (Although I have not tried this one, I have this on good authority):


    Apparently it is simply not like any other bullet vibe, my friend is a serious power lover, like me she cannot cum from shallow teasing vibes and I was saying to her "Pfft, its a bullet, it cant be that powerful" then a few other trusted ladies joined the conversation to confirm that yes...yes it really is. (Its on my list now lol)


    The king of powerful and deep vibrations. It starts off nice and gentle and can be turned up vibrate your socks off. I cannot even have it on its highest setting, it is that strong. )Prob one of the strongest vibes available, unless you count full on sex machines which costs hundreds, thousands)


    I personally love the Gigi for clitoral stimulation and it has reasonably deep vibrations and hasnt failed me yet.

    I do realise they are more pricey but you really do get what you pay for. The motors inside are better made and they produce stronger and deeper vibrations. Also bear in mind that no matter what you buy from Lovehoney, they offer a 365 day return policy and you can return the item for ANY reason (even if its been opened and you just dont like it, or cant get on with it) You can check out info for the return policy here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/returns-policy/ so if you do try something and dont like it, return it, or exchange it no problem.

    Basically though, I would advise you to generally avoid bullets and smaller finger vibrators and move up a step to toys with larger, better quality motors. The problem is that big doesnt always mean good. Its hit and miss. The above are my personal recommendations but I am sure the other ladies will have some great ideas too.

    Best thing to do as well, is to have a look on the site, choose some toys you like the look of, post us the links and we can let you know which one would maybe be the best, or let you know if they worked for us or not. Im sure bwteen us all we have tried most hehe.

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    I own both and they are fab.

    It sounds like you like a lot more power than I do, but I highly recommend trying out a rabbit vibrator, have a look through the reviews for some of the rabbits here to find which one is most powerful. I find that bullets don't work for me, they just don't tip me over the edge. The rabbit ears provide a completely different sensation and vibrate all over your clitoris rather than just the one spot. Plus the internal stimulation is great.

    The g spot rock chick is fantastic too, definitely recommend a g spot toy for extra powerful orgasms!

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    My wife often struggles to reach orgasm too, the most successful products for her are any kind of 'warming' lube, her Lovehoney magic wand with a number of different attachements (the G-Tip attachment is her favourite), or any of her vibes that have both power and a good range of modes (Rocks Off are always good). Hope that helps :)

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    try orgasm gel. after all it pretty cheap n usually makes u more sensitive

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