1. Boyfriend Likes me to send naked photos to his friend? Why?

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    James and Michelle (mr and mrs) wrote:

    It sounds like a tricky situation to be honest. As a married male I do fantasies about my OH in gang bangs with groups of men but never friends, and as others have said there is a big difference between fantasy and reality. As I say I like gang bang porn and I do think about it but if I came home to see my OH with a group of men for me it would be the end of the relationship so just be careful with him… it may just be a fantasy.

    As for the photos, again you should be very cautious as those photos of you naked could end up anywhere. I know your BF trusts them but still it is a massive risk.

    Much of this seems to be focused on you OH, you should try and consider what you would like, do you want to gang bang his friends? Do you want to swing? Do you want to send pictures…. If the answer is no then you should stop it and perhaps end things.

    I don’t pretend to know everything so ignore my advice if you feel I am out of line

    Mmm quite agree with this, it is a difficult issue. But you have been seeing your BF 'on/off' (wich in itself sounds... well not like a rock solid relationship) for 5 years. That is quite a long time.

    Shel has a point, but she does it because she wants too and it makes her feel good, not necessarily because her BF wants her too.

    So again, focus on yourself. Selfish? Not really... its your body so you are allowed to be. x

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    At the end of the day what matters is that you do what you want, and you are not pushed on to doing what you don't want. If sending the pictures makes you happy, or makes him happy and therefore you happy then carry on, but understand the consequences.

    I ended up with a picture of me giving a blow job being sent to my mum, dad, brothers and sisters by a spiteful ex. I knew the risks when the pictures where taken and I went ahead. I didn't actually think anything like that would happen. A friend of mine has been suspended from work due to pictures from years ago getting in to the wrong hands. Just be aware, bad things can and do happen. Its nieve to think it won't happen to you. Just make sure you have your eyes wide open.

    Just as an aside, it just sound to me like your partner is an exhibitionist and gets a kick out of other people watching/ knowing what he's doing and what he's got. There is such a thing as consentual non-consent. By knowing these things and allowing it to happen you are sending him the message that you are ok with it.

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    Reading your original post concerns me greatly Bashful. I'd be very, very careful about what you send - if this is going to his mates you'll lose all control of where they'll end up.

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