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  1. How to over come swallowing my man. Help!

    kato [sign in to see picture]
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    Can't stand it either, the texture and how it goes cold (and I then imagine gloomy) yak. Anywhere else is fine

    Luscious Libby [sign in to see picture]
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    Sensual Sandy wrote:

    Luscious Libby wrote:

    I swallowed once many years ago and it put me off for life!!

    I love giving my husband oral but swallowing is not for me, just cant stand the taste. I explained this to my husband and i did try swallowing with him when we first got together but i still really didnt like it so we agreed he can finish anywhere else he likes!!

    Hey Luscious,

    I really think he believes everyone swallows? But seriuosly, I gag even thinking about it. Isn't that awful?

    I gag at the thought of it too!! the texture, taste, temperature even! I feel guilty but its really not something i can deal with.

    Naked_butler [sign in to see picture]
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    If u dont like swallowing then dont suck him let him cum on you just not in your mouth. If hubby has prob with that then thats his prob

    squee [sign in to see picture]
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    I also can't swallow,the thought of it makes me gag,for me it the variation in texture of semen ,wot if its lumpy or slimy etc.I have done it a few times but this led my OH to believe I enjoyed it.I recently plucked up the courage to tell him that although I am ok ith him coming in my mouth I DEFININITLY don't enjoy swallowing ,( he looked really sad and I am not sure if it was sad for me having done it out of duty or that he was just crestfallen cos he knew I was no longer going to do that....I suspect it was the latter.) I suggested he come elsewhere on my body and we discovered that facials make me giggle, it's the trickling sensation of his juice running down toward my neck.......I just burst out laughing and that's not good is it.So we will stick to all the other parts of my anatomy that aren't .My advice is please don't try and make yourself do something you are not comfortable with ( that means ANYTHING you aren't happy about). Just concentrate on things you do like cos life is too short for guilt and sacrifices isn't it.xx

    Naked_butler [sign in to see picture]
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    Its cool he takes care of your needs but that not same thing as swallowing cum. Licking pussy not same as taking a cumshot

    sexynurse09 [sign in to see picture]
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    Just do what your comfortable with. Try the diet thing as that can make a huge difference, but if you still can't swallow him you might just have to accept that that's what your preference is. There's nothing wrong with not swallowing, and there are no shortage of other sexy places on your body he could finish.
    Talk about it, see if a compromise can be reached.

    I understand your frustration though, I love my boyfriend so so much and would love to swallow for body has other ideas :(. I was put off by my first boyfriend (he tasted terrible and personal hygiene wasn't his top priority), and haven't been able to do it since. But I WANT to, I want to please him.

    Good luck with the diet thing, let us know if it works!

    P51 [sign in to see picture]
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    My OH once had a mouthful of champagne just before the BJ. Pretyy damn fine from my point of view but it may help those who don't ike the taste of cum. She also says that diet helps. Pineapple really helps but a lost of veggies and fruit make a (positive) difference. Mind you, I'm lucky that she loves me coming in her mouth anyway

    KebertXela [sign in to see picture]
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    From my PoV, its not so much the swallowing, but the carrying on that matters. If you run for the bin/sink/toilet/tissue, its all very anti climaxic, if you keep bobbing away for ten or seconds, I get a lot more out of it.

    But maybe thats just me

    Humper [sign in to see picture]
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    It's easy if you get the position right. I used to have a problem too when I let him come onto my tongue with just the end of his cock in my mouth IYSWIM. The key for me has been to be in a side by side 69 position, so I'm on my side with my head nearest his feet...this way when I can tell he's about to come, I suck him deep so the tip is at the back of my throat, and this way it goes down without me tasting it or feeling the consistency. That way I can keep his cock in my mouth until his orgasm is well finished, and all I do is a quick swallow when I take my mouth off. I honestly don't taste it or anything this way. Try it!

    Dolly_Dimple [sign in to see picture]
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    I find that either sucking a mint or brushing my teeth with a minty toothpaste or even chewing minty gum ( do this discreetly of course ) prior to giving the husband a blowie takes away the taste. Maybe it will help you too OP? I recommended this to one or two others with the same problem and they confirmed that it works.

    Sorry, but i did giggle at your header OP, i had visions of you swallowing your entire man.

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