1. A year of miserable celibacy. Oh and Long time no speak...

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    Thank you Laura and Mrs A! xx

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    KebertXela wrote:


    Oh, orgasm army.

    I will ask for details, but you are free to use your p key, i key, s key twice, and add off :)

    I wont tell you to Piss off, However, Im also NOT going into details for you.

    Ive gone into the details needed in this thread :)

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    Hey Tiger ( Lol ) Gives Av a big hug!!

    Yeh Im still here. No need for apologies sweetie!

    Things are improving somewhat now, We still have a long way to go and issues that still need dealing with, However...

    I now am in the mindset that there is a lot that has happened in her past with family and in the abusive relationship that she was in, That I am still unaware of.

    I knew/Know there were problems, But didn't realize to what extent. :( So I only know the surface of J and maybe a little bit past that. Its going to take some time as as soon as I mention it she claams up and goes cold on me. I dont blame her.

    But this is one of the reasons I wont commit to getting married yet. We're ingaged and I want to, I just feel we need to get this stuff sorted first of all.

    We have spoken a little on HER terms and we've come to the agreement that counceling her further will not help much as she has already been there and opened up, Just to clam up again days later.

    Our son sees a hypnotherapist for his problems and its really helping him in a positive way, So J is going to give thata a try, So instead of raking over everything again, She can actually learn how to cope/deal with all these emotions and feelings she has stored up.

    She has said that eventually she will open up to me more but for now I can see its too hard for her.

    My plan at the moment is to back off completely on any subjects of BDSM, Pegging, FFM threesomes etc ( Well I dont much anyway but it has come up now and again in casual chat or when having a giggle )

    I was gentle with the discussion of it all anyway, But now I know a bit more I know it scares the shit out of her. So Those topics are taking a back seat for now.

    I can still fantasize and talk on here about them but thats it for now.

    When we got intimate recently it was amazing, gentle and lovely. Although Ill admit I finished a tad sooner than I hoped to :( lol. Well its been over a year, Ya can't blame a man...

    But yeh, All very up in the air but we are ok in ourselves and I feel like we are making progress in baby steps.

    Paul xxx

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