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  1. 21 year old virgin in this day in age!

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    Firstly 21 isn't old at all my husband lost his virginity to me when he was 21.

    Secondly I lost my virginity at 17 and it wasn't nice and for a woman it isn't pretty, it hurts and doesn't feel that romantic.

    The guy I lost it to was a waste of space in hind sight. At first I was rarther down on myself that I hadn't waited for someone special, but then as time went on I was actually glad that I hadn't had to let someone I love and care about see me go through the quite traumatic experience of loosing my virginity.

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    I would just like to say that you're not alone, I'm also a 21 year old virgin and although I have a boyfriend we meet online and he lives in Canada so I wont be losing it anytime soon.

    Don't feel like you should lose it just cos you have too wait for when it feels right well, that's at least that is how I feel about it, like you I never really waited for someone but now I I'm glad I did.
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    I cant add anything new as everyone on here has said what I would have said lol.

    You'll know when the time's right And when you do, Enjoy it :)

    Welcome to the OA from a returning Oldie lol ;)

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    I wish I had waited. I was very young when I first had sex and I still regret it now. it basicaly ruined my relationship with that girl. I still didn't learn from it because it went out and had a crappy one night stand.

    Don't rush in to it because you'll probably regret it like I do. I'm now waiting for the right girl to come along which is why I came to LH to satisfy myself until I finally do :)

    Does this guy know you're situation? If he does then he may be more understanding if you do seem needy or attached. If he loves you then he shouldn't care if you're a virgin or not or if you seem a little needy.

    If he's experienced in the sex dept then he should know how to do things properly and make you feel satisfied but if he's not the I would tell him (I wouldn't want to think I'm good when I'm actually not). perhapse not in a blunt way but tell him what you like and help him. Every woman is different. What you find pleasurable another woman may not like.

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope things go well.

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