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  1. Motivational speech from Fetlife

    chylly fox [sign in to see picture]
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    1st of all, I didn't write this, it was writen by MissSascha on fetlife. I'm just posting this as it's a great read and if it helps one person ................

    PS. Sorry about the formating issues

    YOU. Read this. If there's even one thing you don't like about yourself, you have to read this. Read this, and don't give up. You give up too often already. Look at you. You're young. And you're scared. Why the fuck are you scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring what other people think. Wear whatever the hell you want to wear. Say what you want. Listen to the music you like. Play it as loud as you want, and dance to it. Go out for a drive in the middle of the night and temporarily forget you have responsibilities the next day. Stop waiting for Friday, live it now, DO IT NOW. Take risks, tell secrets, push yourself. One day you will die, and on that day do you want to have regrets or memories?
    I need motivation sometimes also. I have awful self-esteem and I am not pushing myself as hard as I need to. I have two beautiful girls who push their limits, take what I give them and don't whine (except the brat, but that's her job). Why don't I push myself also? I am a Domme. I am a wall, I am strong, I am powerful. But I can become better so I will.
    Now I have some things to tell to the genders.
    Men: I don't want to hear any of that friendzoning bullshit. Oh, your girlfriend dumped you? I am SO VERY SORRY that she dumped you in a sea of COCK HUNGRY WOMEN. So very very sorry. And I don't want to hear that crap about "I'm a nice guy, women just go for assholes." No they don't. They go for someone who is interesting. Someone who goes places, knows people, loves to do new shit. If you're a "nice guy" who stays inside all day, what do you have to offer? How are you interesting? Oh you went to college? So did many others. Name one thing that you can do that there isn't a person out there who's better at it. Stop focusing on women so damn much, and focus on yourself. Be the man that when his feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says "Oh shit, he's up." Be the dude with the crazy stories. The one who knows three languages. Be exotic, different, special. Because if you're having lady issues, and women leave you, these are the types of guys that they end up going to. Now are you going to pout or become better than them?
    EDIT: To women, confidence matters more than looks, which is why I didn't include looks at first. Try to accept what you cannot change, work on what could use work. Be healthy and be the awesome version of yourself!
    Women: The worst decision you can make is being indecisive. You either make a mistake and learn from it, or you will do something right and make yourself proud. You have choices, you can do whatever makes you happy. And it will either be something that will make you better or something that will keep you the same. Now if you are the Almighty Omnipotent Queen Vag, and everything about you is perfect, then I will bow down to you personally. If you are a mortal like myself, there's shit you have to work on. Whether its overreacting, or motivation issues, or lack or self-esteem. And while you're working on this, you're fucking fabulous. Stop comparing yourselves to other women. You have to lose a couple of pounds? Shit, so do we all. But do it to get healthy, not to look a certain way. The way you look RIGHT NOW is someone's dream come true. I had a friend that I had a huge crush on, and she had big hips and was small on top. I fucking loved that. I'd make love to that all night long. And she wants to get fake breasts. WAT. NO. There's men thinking of you (YES YOU) while they rub one out. Stop being shy, approach them, be sexy, be you. And if they're not into you, move on. You could be the most beautiful woman on the planet, and there would still be a dude who's not into it. Accept that, be healthy, love yourself, make your own damn decisions, and be strong.
    PS. I love you all, but I am not sorry for yelling at you through the screen. Sometimes even the Domliest of the Doms need a kick in the ass.

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