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    So I asked the OH what her favourite parts of me were and she said my hands and feet.

    Now I want to give her some piccys of myself, but... I still have my winter xmas coat (put me in a santa hat and gimme a beard and il be jolly old nick) plus I'm a bit low on the confidence.

    So i was thinking how would I take a photo of my hands/feet that would be worthwhile?

    Detxam [sign in to see picture]
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    Ah bolloxks posted this in the wrong forum...Could one of you LH wizard throw this over for me ^-^ Thanks x

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    Yeh it would be worthwhile. I mean women love to know we are listened to, and she will remember saying that to you and knowing you made the effort for her. It cant hurt, and it may inspire you (and her) to get more naughty with it or more cheeky.

    I would make the suggestion of using google for inspiration. Typing into the search box (I just tried this) things like "sensual pictures of hands" "erotic pictures of hands" etc and then click on the images button and voila..... so many ideas you could try and emulate.

    I can also think of a few examples like having a shot of your hands resting on your chest maybe? or a picture of your hands running down your legs so that you got your hands and feet in the shot.

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    Write her a nice message on your hands or feet and photograph :)

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