1. any ideas to get my fella in the mood

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    start sucking him off when he's still playing.

    If that doesn't do the trick he's bent as a nine bob note - right lads ?

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    Yeah, honesty and communication are the way to go here. Sometimes the naked thing doesn't work, especially when you live together, and also, not all guys are in the mood 24/7. You have to also respect his right to say no.

    HOWEVER. Your relationship needs to come before XBox. Sex needs to be more important than XBox. It is so much easier to make time for sex when there are times when the Xbox is not on, and you have designated some time to spend together as a couple. Can you talk to him about that?

    For my partner, he really does get carried away when the Xbox is on. His good intentions to come ravish me go out the window and he ends up cursing at the clock when he realises it's 1am already and he has work the next day. Or, he'll come off the Xbox in a bad mood because he had some shitty matches. So for us, the key is to separate the two entirely -- Xbox time is Xbox time, couple time is couple time. It doesn't have to be planned in advance, and I'm comfortable just asking "would you mind leaving the Xbox off tonight?" Or suggesting that we do something else.

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    If he passes up the opportunity to have sex in favour of his x-box then ditch the sad bastard and find someone that appreciates you.

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    mrs average wrote:

    A blow job usually works for just about anything I'd say...

    Failing that if the xbox is really that enthralling try a naked tap dance with nipple tassles and party poppers!! ...and possiblly cover yourself in beer and hide the conrols in an intimate place

    I think this would get any man going :-) I think you should definitely try this first

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