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  1. Sex Drive Gone :(

    xPleasureSeekerx [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi all :)

    Writing to see if there are any ways of boosting your sex drive? Mine has completely disappeared lately. Been trying to get enough sleep etc but just feel exhausted all the time and so not in the mood for sex. Haven't had this issue before so quite confused as to where to go from here... will it just come back?


    ZombieCpl [sign in to see picture]
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    im constantly exhausted from work and i suffer from low sex drive too. I feel really bad for my gorgeous partner and try my best with him, I know he understands though.

    The best thing to do is eat healthily (good food will give you more energy and make you less lethargic) drink ots of water and keep your body happy. Sleep as much as you can and try not to get too worked up or stressed out about anything. If you dont feel up to sex, dont get pressured into it as that can make you feel rotten, just leave off until you fancy it.

    You could try reading some erotic fiction to get yourself in the mood (free from sites like literotica or you can get some fantastic books here at Lh) or even watching porn. It will come back, libido changes lots and due to allsorts of reasons such as hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, children, contraception) and everyone has a little lull in libido now and again :) x

    Jimi Duro [sign in to see picture]
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    Mine went for weeks recently due to some stresses and strains seems to be coming back gradually

    Dastity [sign in to see picture]
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    Do you eat well? Some times a little change in diet can help, and can really ease that exhausted feeling.

    Zombie's advice to read something sexy is solid too - it all starts in the mind after all.

    In my personal experience it's something that seems to be self-fuelling; a lack of interest leads to a lack of sex, which in turn leads to a deeper lack of interest... and then you start to feel 'pressure' to get it back.

    Fuck pressure! Start simple; get something fun to read, have a nice meal (something light and tasty, not heavy and filling), if you have kids and a partner as him/her to look after them for a couple of hours, run a hot bath and enjoy.

    Time to think and something to stimulate may be the only kick you need.

    CrimsonVixen [sign in to see picture]
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    Usually I have a really high sex drive but I find when I have a lot on my mind and am really stressed it dissapears completely, just try and get some rest and you time that always helps :) Also get a good erotic novel they always put you in the mood :P Maybe order a new toy and some underwear to get you excited :D x

    rach74 [sign in to see picture]
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    time of year doesnt help as most people are running round shopping, wrapping presents and stress of xmas day, im sure it will come back

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