1. Ever wondered what if...

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    Hindsight = 20/20 vision...


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    GymJunki3 wrote:

    Hindsight = 20/20 vision...

    the more you realise the mistakes you made the better you will avoid them in the future ....that applies equally to work, motorcycle racing and relationships (in fact most walks of life)

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    I don't tend to think of the 'what if's' in life, it makes too many questions enter your mind when you can't change it.
    But i suppose two of mine would be... What if i didn't go onto a certain dating site and met my current OH, who would i be with instead?, would i be happy right now? etc.

    And what if i didn't meet a certain man when i was 15, who changed my life, who was a big part of my past and in a way made me the way i am today. Would i be a better person i hadn't met him. etc

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    Try this one. I met my OH when we were 15 and both had Saturday jobs, and our relationship was purely friendship. I joined the military about the same time she went into nursing and we lost contact.

    Now my first what if: I was 18mths into my service and had decided to stay on camp that weekend and not go home,; one evening thought I would drop by my mates billet to drag his sorry ass to the bar, he told me to go on ahead but as I was about to go changed my mind & waited for him to scrub up. He had a number of blokes mags and found myself scanning the penpal/lonely hearts section, and as a joke selected one at random and sent off a letter (Note for youngsters - we used stuff called pen & paper in those days).

    I got a reply about 6 weeks later and to cut the story short ended up marrying the girl about 2 yrs later. So what if I had gone home that weekend, what if I had gone ahead without my mate?

    Now my second what if: The marriage lasted 3 yrs then broke down, a really messy traumatic time followed by the usual depression, anger, soul searching etc. By this time I had been posted several times and ended up at a camp a few miles from my hometown; Still feeling low I thought I would try and chase up some old mates who i had either neglected or lost contact with due to life carrying on. Never thought about my old 'girlfiend' until i was watching TV and caught the end of a programe about Stoke Mandeville Hospital and the work they do, funnily enough that was where she had gone to train; so I sent a letter asking if she was still there, or if they had a forward address? So what if I hadn't met my now ex, and what if I hadnt caught the end of that programe?

    What if 3: About 3-4 months passed and out of the blue I got a letter from my old friend apologising for the delay in replying. The hospital had forwarded the letter to the last known address they held which had been re-forwarded by the current occupier to her mums old address which was at the time empty as it had just been sold; Her mum had popped in for the last time on the off chance to collect any post before the new owners moved in! So what if my letter hadn't been sent on, and what if her Mother hadn't just popped in!

    That was 1994, The rest as they say is history.

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    I always wonder what would've happened if I hadn't of dropped out of university. I wouldn't be the person I am today and would have dissolved into a depressed, suicidal mess if I'd stayed.

    I'm glad I decided to go down the full-time job route, it has given me loads more confidence in myself :)

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    I often wonder what if my Dad had been around when I was growing up?

    He left before I was born and upon meeting him recently I am so glad that he wasn't in my life when I was younger! I know that I would be a completely different person, a spoilt brat!

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    I have often wondered what if,but like many other people I always dismiss the thought. You could have put her hand on your cock and she could have jumped up and asked what the hell you were doing and before you know it you are branded a sex perv and out of a job. You did the right thing. No two ways about it. What ifs get you no where, and if you do start to let your mind wander consider the worst outcome as well, and come back to the reality of your own life.

    I love to watch "its a wonderful life" several times a year because it is a reminder of what I have and could lose if I ever took up a what if.

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