1. Maturbation in from of a stranger

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    Tattooedgeordiemilf wrote:

    bigcock1989 wrote:

    to be honest i have done this before nd its great i dont blame anyone that does things on cam its only a bit of fun at the end of the day its not like your cheating or got a cock in front of you so i dont see the big fuss i mean you only have to look at cam4 and see all the women and men doing it on there all the time

    can you keep your face out of view of the cam on these sites?

    yes you can i have seen it done just show your parts and do stuff they also pay to see you do things on cam4 look it up its a good site for couples and ladys on there own lol

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    I know you are bigcock1989 x

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    Maybe ease it into a conversation but theres nothing wrong with it.

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    I enjoy it too...

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    well just like you then lol xxx

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    I have to admit, I have broadcasted shows on Cam4 in the past - I was very shy about doing it at first, but the rush I got from it was incredible (especially with lots of people watching).

    However, I definitely agree there is a pang of guilt at times, particularly afterwards, and also the worry that you might be recorded - so I have mixed feelings about it - and understand where Saucy Cat is coming from.

    Despite that, I do still occassionally go on there and do a show if I feel the need for that rush...!

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    I have done it , but I am single... Its a really awkward situation, but I suppose its no different from men looking at porn...

    You are not physically there... so taking this into account its not really committing adultery in my opinion...

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    To me this is sort of like watching porn as there is no actual contact between the two people involved although that is only my personal opinion.


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    it all depends how comfy u r wiv that person i have done it a couple of time as a compation 2 who can cum the queckest lol safe 2 say i lost

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    I have done it on cam and have 2 regular cam partners at the moment. I have no intention of meeting them, one of them is attached and one is in the USA. It could be called the ultimate in safe sex

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    I probably wouldn't say anything to my partner if I were you... Most people consider that act as cheating... and I am one of them... But you know your partner the best... If you think he won't take it as a problem, then tell him.

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    tbh most of the people on the internet are perves i can say im not one and will never be x

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    id like 2 say somethink bigcock1989 is my partner i had his daughter 5 months ago and he has fallen 4 this saucy cat cos she clearly isnt loyal bein loyal and faithful is only lettin one person u love see ur body and b intimate with i think this is all realy sick and i have now broken with with him cos of it all he is addicted 2 lying cheatin and they was meetin up 4 sex behind my bk well done guys 4 hurtin a normal person

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    Saucy cat wrote:

    Hello everyone, thank you for your thoughts and advice.

    I have been thinking a lot about things and the thought that in the future someone might end up filming me is not what I want. I would like to be a momento in someone's mind and not on a DVD or website. I really enjoyed what I did yesterday and I realise my little Skype adventure with the cam will be a one off.

    I think what I like is the phone as that was extremely erotic for me and being anonymous is what I liked about that.

    I did try and throw a few things into conversation with my husband last night and told him I had been involved with dirty messages and been asked about doing something (photos, cam) but I could tell he was very against it so the cam and photos are a no. However, I think he thinks everyone on here is just really 'a dirty old man' (his words not mine) a don't think he understands people just like me and him are on these sites.

    If my husband wanted to wank on the phone with various ladies then that really would be fine with me and I would very much like to join in. I am very open minded about sex and would have no problems with that.

    Finally, i am aware this sight is not for hook ups,cyber etc I really just want to meet like minded people and chat about our experiences and maybe be a little bit dirty too.

    Well done for trying to broach the subject with him. I personally wouldn't skype, but I have got off on some private conversations. However my OH loks over my shoulder and encourages me to talk dirty cos he like it.

    Maybe see ft you can introducing him to more interesting additions to to bedroom and your sex life test the waters to see what his boundaries are.

    Good luck and enjoy exploring new things with your OH. :-)

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    I wouldn't as I prefer to keep sex private.

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    I too have done this a few times and also just watched others. On fabswingers I used to love watching couples. I say a little of what you fancy does you good xx

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    When my wife don't want sex she likes me to cam with guys while i'm dressed in basque stockings & thigh boots then wank for them.


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    Wow old thread been bumped.

    So long as your both happy and OK with it then its harmless enough.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hi Saucy cat. I understand and share most of your opinions and I'm too in a long term relationship and I love my hubby, but he just doesn't get a lot of things, sexual things I mean. I've never cheated despite temptations but I honestly think it's not worthy my marriage. Ups and downs he's the one who is always there for me and the one I really love. However, I do experiment a lot with sex toys (he doesn't know that) and like visit the forumns and talk with all these lovely, open-minded people,

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