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    I have been having a bit of a problem for awhile now and was hoping for some advice and help.

    I have been going out with my girlfriend for almost 2 1/2 years now when we first started going on we were at it like rabbits whenever we got to see eachother. Normally with this i was making her orgasm 2-3 times before i cum myself.

    A few months after meeting i ended up getting a serious water infection for about a month and sins then its been the opposite way i'm cumming before shes close to orgasm which does cause problems.

    I have tryed delay creams and alike which do work but the problem is they numb which takes away from the pleasure so now im looking for a way to get things back to how it use to be.

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    Ever thought about a cock ring ?

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    Yes tryed cock rings normal, adjustable and vibrating the adjustable one is good for delaying me some but we don't like using it that often

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    Unfortunately I think it's just the way things are sometimes. Most of the time I can outlast my other half, or we go at the same time (which is always great). However though every now and then I go through phases where I cum much earlier then she does, which is always somewhat demotivating to say the least (as I'm sure you probably feel).

    Right here is my advice if you have already tried creams and rings.

    1.) Try different positions. I know certain positions will make me come much earlier (anything from behind) and this will be different for different people. You may be able to find a position that throws the equation in your favour.

    2.)Adjust your speed. If you feel you are reaching the point of no return, slow down! Be more intimate for a few minutes then rev it up again. When I've been in the mood doing this has meant I've been able to have sessions into the hours and left both of us destroyed.

    3.) Foreplay. Go down, do whatever gets her going. If you can give her a headstart, again this gives you an advantage. Foreplay isn't just for the start either. Obviously you can stimulate her cliterous etc whilst in some positions, but if you feel like you are near cumming, pull out, tease for a bit. go back to foreplay. This pushes her closer and gives you a break so that when you go in again you have somewhat reset at least part of the clock.

    Most important though, don't let it get you down, these things are usually just a phase as your body/mind recovers.

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    as above.....bonking/thrusting like a p.star isn't real life, some may be more fortunate than others in the 'lasting' department - but enjoying each other and varying things during a play session can work well......

    foreplay doesnt have to be at the beginning for x minites - so you could always stop when you feel your temperature rising and give a little oral, use a vibe, have a cuddle.....whatever......perhaps turn your thinking if its not already to making a play session one of several chapters/acts.....

    now i' don't want to advocate something that isn't 'right' but if all else fails and it really is getting you down, then research the effects of certain calming medicines/drugs. In a similar vein to viagra being developed for as purpose totally unrelated to sex/recetions other drugs are apparently capable of producing a similar sexual side effect - ie/ delay.

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