1. university students: sex on campus?

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    Has anyone done it? Trying to think of pertential remote places to give it a go with one of my co-students.


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    mrsorgasmatron wrote:

    Has anyone done it? Trying to think of pertential remote places to give it a go with one of my co-students.

    My wife works in a University, two students (M/F) were fined for having sex in the ladies loos

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    I have on the grounds on the way to a night at the student union

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    It doesn't have to be remote, just more of a quite time of the day or night.

    Once when I was visiting my GF (now wife) at her Uni, we had been out with some of her friends, and were pretty tipsy. When we got back to her halls (about 2 in the morning) we started kissing in the main entrance hall. One thing let to another,and we just start fucking on the stairs, right in front on the full length windows of the main entrance hall in full view of the main quad. It was a Saturday night so anyone could have come back from a night out, and would have seen us (there wasn't a lift there either, so would have had to ask us to move out the way to get to any of the flats in the block). After a few minutes, we sort of came to our senses, so went up to her flat, which she shared with 6 other girls. However we were obviously still feeling naughty, so I bent her over the communal kitchen table and proceeded to take her from behind until I came in her and all over her arse.

    It was a very auxhilarating experience to say the least, and very out of character for her, as she is a bit more reserved than that most of the time. In the near future I'm hopeing to try to recreate some of the 'experience' of my younger days with her.

    I'm new by the way, so hello to everyone on here. I've been reading a lot on here for quite a while, but thought I should start to contribute.


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    When I was at uni one very lucky couple got their imtimate moment posted on youtube after deciding to get down to it on the stairs leading up to the halls entrance. Someone had filmed them out of a bedroom window.

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