1. Wanted to spread the love.

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    Last night me and the OH cuddled up n bed and watched tv, like we do everynight. He fell asleep but i couldnt sleep and i ended up just watching him and i felt like id fallen in love with him all over again. I thought about what wed gone through to be together and that was one of the happiest points in my life.

    Its been 6 years since we 1st met and i love him just as much as i did the 1st time i saw him. He is still just as gorgeous and sexy. everything ive ever wanted


    spread some love people


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    Thats nice to hear.......I have moments like that, its the sound of her breathing that does it for me.

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    thought your post was beautiful :))))

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    My wife records me snoring and I get sent it as a message the next day, im sure she loves me though :):S

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    That's lovely.

    One of my best ex's is over the moon with being a dad and madly in love with his wife. Of all the things in my life that haven't worked out, this one was definitely for the best.

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    Aww thats lovely x

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    Awwwe, thats so sweet!

    What a beautiful post!

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    Thats a really sweet post.. I wonder if my wife does the same with me

    I dont think so

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    That is such a beautiful post!
    I have the same feelings when I'm lying in bed a night thinking about my OH. He has been my best friend since school, and have been together for 2 years. He knows me better than anyone (probably even better than I know myself) and I love him even more every day, even though we are in a LDR xx

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    THat is fab to read...

    I am the same with my OH....long may it continue x

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