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  1. Lost sex drive/desire...please help?!

    Midnightlou [sign in to see picture]
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    Set each other 3 mini tasks to be complete whilst at the meal and theatre - he has to set 3 things he would realistically like you to do and vice versa. Anticipation and suspense of it could be brilliant and you could attach a punishment if they are complete.

    Midnightlou [sign in to see picture]
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    Plus there free to do :)

    RandyMuppet [sign in to see picture]
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    I am intrigued but lacking any imagination today... Can you give some example tasks?

    dotdashdot [sign in to see picture]
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    Staying in a hotel is great when you feel in the mood but sometimes I feel that it puts too much pressure on you. It's like "we're in a hotel we MUST have sex"! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, just go with how you feel. It's all very well getting on kinky underwear and using toys but if your heart isn't in it it's just not going to work!

    Do lots of cuddling and kissing and go for romantic walks. Talk to each other and get back to basics! Talk about what it is that you love about each other.

    I find that taking naughty photos gets me in the mood. If you have time could you have a little play around with your camera, leave a naughty picture of yourself on his pillow in the hotel or in his birthday card?

    One of your challenges could be go out to dinner and don't wear any underwear.

    Find somewhere private and have sex outside in the woods or something! Get your heart racing a bit :) xx

    Chamelian [sign in to see picture]
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    Go easy on yourself and try not to see this as a major problem, be kind to both of you and relax - life and sex goes in cycles so it will come back and as for being walked in on I once had to work away with a major fast food chain opening it's first airport store - there were loads of us from store all over the country and we all got put in this b&b by the airport and my b/f of the time came too (also worked for the company) and 3 of the other people walked in on us while I wa basqued up and sat on top of him!!! Opps - big companies and gossip!! OMG!! that was about 15 years ago and I'm still blushing, but at least laughing xx

    Bertie831 [sign in to see picture]
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    So we went to the hotel, had a very sexy time...i bought a wireless remote controlled vibrator & gave him the control which he loved! We played some games & had great sex :D .........then we got home, & the no desire is back again. I've read some other posts on here with some other people who are having the same problem & i might have a word with my GP to change my pill, i've been on the same one for over 10 years & maybe its time for a change?!

    Thanks for all your help everyone, hopefully we can sort this out!! x

    menyanthe [sign in to see picture]
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    I am having just the same problem - even worse - we are not living with parents, only with our 18-month daughter. However, my libido is down even if I am totally alone and I know I will not be disturbed - the toys I have do not attract me anymore - nor any of the ones on LH. I had a birthday today and I have just made an order for lingerie - hoping this little treat would do the trick for me. (usually I am obsessed with buying new lingerie - now even this doesn't do much for me...) :(

    Anyway, I start feeling old..

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