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  1. So.. my boyfriend won't talk sex =(

    QueenC [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi all, thanks for all the replies.

    dotdashdot wrote:

    I seem to remember going through a similar issue with my ex, we were also together for 5 years and he never responded to my sexy texts.

    I love sending naughty texts and photos, especially as I don't see my boyfriend very much. But not everyone is like that and I know that if it's shoved in their face all the time they'll do their best to ignore it. I think that my open attitude about sex stems from the fact that sex has always been talked about openly in my family and I think my new boyfriend was brought up in the same way so we seem to be more sexually compatible. However, with others who have been brought up to feel that sex is bad and not to be openly discussed, they are bound to feel more uncomfortable!

    As others have said, it may be more than just him not feeing comfortable talking about sex. He may be stressed, low or worried. However, as it's been going on for over a year now I really think you should try to talk to him about it.

    Ask him if he'd rather you stopped texting him about sex. It may just be that he doesn't want to talk about it unless he's actually with you.

    Is your sex life actually suffering? Seems like you were enjoying some good foreplay the other day. It's a shame that he turned cold the next day but maybe he was just having a bad day? x

    Thanks for the advice DDD, our sex life is normal and actually has been especially good this week, apart from his 'off night'- which I think definitely was due to stress that night. I haven't seen him or talked to him much today, so I think I'l have to just have a bit of a heart to heart with him later.

    Thanks again guys :)

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    is he off about anything else?

    Do you live together?

    QueenC [sign in to see picture]
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    No he seems fine about everything else. And we don't live together, really, but kind of. He lives at home with his dad and I stay there with him most nights rather than in my own house. I think I'm just going to say to him later than I'm sorry for arguing last night, but hopefully he can understand why I would be a bit upset about it, and see where it goes from there..

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