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  1. Pubic hair

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    I'm a beautician and would say go for waxing everytime!

    Make sure the beautician uses hot wax and not strip wax as it's much less painful and also that they use a good quality wax such as Perron Rigot or Lycon

    I can't understand how anyone can be on with shaving every few days when waxing lasts for 4 weeks (on average) and feels amazing!


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    Hampshire Hogg wrote:

    Dee_licious333 wrote:

    I shave and sometimes use hair conditioner which softens the skin and prevents a rash. Soak the skin for a bit first before you shave.

    Another way to prevent rash its to use a shaving cream, I like Dirty from Lush, also make sure you change your razor blades regularly, blunt blades do not help with rashes.

    I have noticed recently that there have been a lot of treads on this subject, forum members obviously like to be clean shaven, but are not sure how best to achieve it!

    One final request, please don't use you OH's razor, it is bloody annoying!

    Thats a fab idea never tried that with hair condition

    I am bald as a coot I hate hair

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    Leave it alone, fannies are meant to be hairy!

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    I have found that waxing and tweezers over the area works best - can be painful, but less than shaivng.

    Found that cutting a normal wax strip into four is much more managable.

    Do shave cock and balls - there are some things that should never be waxed !!!!

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