1. After not breaking up....

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    My questions about hormonal influence is not a way to excuse what she did, just a way to help me see why for a whole week her judgement was screwed. There is more to it, I know.

    Ironically my OH cant fix this, only I can. She can tell me she won't do it again, but I have no reason to believe her! So it is up to me to find the trust.

    The whole situation is about honesty, I assumed she was being totally open with me but I was wrong to do that. Now the only thing that can save us is that same honesty and openness. But rather than blindly expecting it I am looking for it, distrust I guess but a healthy distrust in knowing that we are all fallible, shockingly even my OH!

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    Noon, sending big hugs honey.

    There's so much I could say but I've never been good at getting my point across. I sincerley hope things improve and given time, your relationship blossoms once more xx

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    Sorry to here youve been having a shit time Noon. i hope you i hope you can make the right decsion for you and you canbe happy again soon.

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    Sorry to hear youre having such a bad time :(
    I think even if you werent up to her standards in the bedroom or relying on her thats not a relationship ending excuse.
    You love her, imagine if she could no longer have sex youd stay with her, because you love her because thats not all that relationships are about and its definitely not the most important thing, my OH is like a child, he relys on me hugely, and i wouldnt change him for the world.
    I just think the excuses are pretty feble next to how long youve been happy together xx

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