1. Lumps on my cervix

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    I've posted about this before, but I'm on my phone and can't find the original post...

    I discovered some small lumps on my cervix about a week ago. I've finally managed to get a doctors appointment, but I'm a bit embarrassed. My doctor is male and in the past has made situations similar to this really awkward for me.

    I went in about a year ago with stomach pains. He asked me to lay on the examination couch thing, and lift up my top so he could have a feel. All fine and normal, until he says that he needs to get someone to watch him do it, "just in case", and as there were no other doctors available, he brought the receptionist in!

    So, will the male doctor examine me (if needed), or will he make (or can I ask for) an appointment with the nurse instead? I'm not really bothered who does it but I just hope that if it is him, he doesn't get the receptionist in again!

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    HIya, The doctor may just be following protocol in getting a female nurse/staff member to attend the examination - the receptionist is also bound by the patient discretion rules as with nurses and doctors - but you are also within your rights to ask to see a female doctor, and if there isn't one available, to be asked to be referred to see a specialist (but the specialist may also be male)...

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    I agree with scarlet couple... thing is the dr doesn't know you and you could make allegations against him. Therefore he was just "covering" himself.. You could ask to see a female or maybe go to a walk in health clinic if they haven't got one x

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    I don't really mind if he does the examination or not, but it just seemed a little weird at the time as I was just showing my stomach, and he has done that kind of exam many times with me before. My mum has just come from our local GPs and said there is a lovely lady doctor there today, so hopefully she will be able to stand in as a kind of chaperone. The receptionist is my mums friend so that could be sliiiiightly embarrasing.

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    My regular doctor is male but for stuff like that I make an appointment to see one of the female doctors. I know its all professional and for your health etc but I just couldn't have a male doing that sort of examination, that may be due to things that have happened in the past though..

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    Hi QueenC,

    Well done for being brave enough to make the appointment. If you are feeling uncomfortable about having an appointment with any doctor (male, female, or just one you don't get on with) you should be able to rearrange with a different doctor.

    It sounds like your previous doctor had a bit of a communication failure! They should have explained why they wanted a chaperone present (and not in such a bizarre way!) well before you had disrobed. If they'd opened up the lines of communication properly, you would have also had the opportunity to say "hang on, not the receptionist as she's a family friend". FYI, here's a Chaperone Policy for Bristol but most PCTs will have one.

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