1. Oral sex

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    Hi Anna thanks for your advise. I'm well shaved so hopefully if he does it again he will enjoy it . Can't imagine getting as far as having an orgasm while his head is down below, fantasise about doing it though :-) if we ever get that far I will keep your advise in mind. Thanks again x

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    Yes keep telling him what excites you etc. Nice to see that he now gives you oral.

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    I think the trick is to avoid using negative statetements so instead of saying 'Not there' say something like:

    'That's good now down a little'

    I know when my wife and I first got together I didn't always get giving oral right but she used the methods I've just mentioned to encourage me. Not only did it boost my confidence it was and indeed still is, damn sexy.


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    One thing "men" do is rush.

    Tell hubby to go slowly, to enjoy it, and that good things cum to those who wait!

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