1. Bit of a poll:Women is it a turn on to see your man eat/lick his cum

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    It wouldn't bother me if my OH wanted to do this but I don't think it would be a turn on or off for me. I asked OH how he felt about trying his own cum and he said it was a no no for him and he never has ever tasted it. He has no problem with mine though. 😜

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    Everyone's different, thank goodness as a world full of people like me would be enough to create an apocalypse! If my husband was to lick his own cum I would be really grossed out if I am honest. He gets a thrill if I lick mine though. If it was something he liked I would be cool with it though!

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    Definately not. I am a swallow not a spit girl but there is no desire to see him eat his own, or to watch him eat mine.

    We are all different, and that is what makes life interesting, but it's not my thing.

    ~Kinky Koko~ [sign in to see picture]
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    I was almost sick in public once when an ex randomly sent me a short video of him cumming on and then eating some brownies. He told me earlier that day that he was baking brownies, he did NOT tell me he was doing that with them! Would've liked some warning T_T but then this is the same fella who told me I should look at his secret gallery of photos of naked little boys..... Needless to say I dumped him as soon as I found out he liked children, just wtf.

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    I am a bi wm married to bi AF and we like most of the above.(removed by moderator) 

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    Scarlet Couple wrote:

    ...she gave me oral in a library once, then came up to kiss me and emptied the contents of her mouth into mine, it was a shock to say the least, but also a bit of a turnon!

    I loved that shock. And basically if I expect her to swallow it I should have the decency to do it myself too. I remember watching a vidoe of a guy eating it off his hand and being slightly repulsed. But it isn't that bad and now like nothing more than 'snowballing' whenever I can.

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