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  1. Surprise?

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    Hey, i'm just looking for some advice about my OH...

    Recently he has been very stressed out with work and when he gets home is often not in the mood and quite tired. I want to surprise him one evening and just have a relaxing evening and try to treat him to get him to unwind a little. I'm really looking to see what do you ladies do to treat your man? And what do you guys prefer?!

    Sex has been a very low priority for him these last few months but we both used to love it and be incredibly active. He's not keen on me wearing sexy undies or outfits but i want something that will be totally for his pleasure...

    Any ideas??

    Thanks! xxx

    Longsword [sign in to see picture]
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    if he's not keen on sexy, undies or outfits, prehaps a nice bath ready for when he gets home, and a romantic meal, lighting, candles, music, join him in the bath, or bath room, if all fails ask him about his work and the problem, talking is good especially if your feeling neglected, there's two people in a relationship, if something is bothering you, or different from the norm, you no, trust your instincts, you have them for a reason, talk,

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    A good way to get him to relax and wind down is by giving him a body massage. I think it's such a tactful and sensual way of bonding and it's really sensitive to his needs of being stressed. Remember it's about both of you though so maybe he'll be in the mood to give you one too? Or perhaps for another day.

    I think that physical contact can be really nice for couple.

    I agree with the above post of communicating too though. Try asking what he'd like to do and if he needs/wants to talk but most importantly just be there for him.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

    Rugbyman [sign in to see picture]
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    For catching you masturbating would do the trick as it is an instant turn on and he could join straight in!!

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    Or how about you txt him throughtout the day saying when you come in go straight upstairs to the bathroom I have a surprise for you have it all bubbly and you in it and ask him to join you and give him a nice massage in the bath and ask how he day has been candels all lit ect

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    I'd start with something simple. If you go to a lot of work, then that might feel like pressure to enjoy it, show appreciation, etc.

    What are his favourite foods? Eating is such a basic need anything to do with it affects us at a root emotional level. Stress depletes nutrients too and we often don't eat well enough when we're thinking about other things, so giving him a good meal might help in multiple ways.

    For my ex-husband, that would have been some sort of pie (good way to sneak in some veg too). For most of the other men I've been with, something like a good cut of steak and salad. When he asked, I'd say something like "You've been working so hard, I thought it would be nice to give you a wee treat." Maybe with a quick kiss or a smile. For anything else, I'd wait to see what his mood was like.

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