1. Lelo Luna Balls - would you buy your mother some?

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    I have been looking at love balls/jiggle balls for a while now and was interested in buying some myself. After thinking it over I changed my mind, I have had no children and have excellent bladder control so was disinterested in the idea for a while. (Might invest in the mini Lelo balls though when I turn twenty!)

    However, it is my mother's birthday soon and I know she has problems when sneezing/coughing as she sometimes has urinal leakage when she coughs. She goes to the toilet a lot too so probably has a very small bladder. She has had four children, but all by c-section and has a very small pelvis.

    I was wondering if you would be embarressed to receive a pair of kegal balls from your daughter? I am nineteen and she is in her late thirties. She knows nothing about my sex toy collection (!) so I was wondering how you would take it if your daughter bought you some. Is it a good idea, or is it too personal? I was thinking of either of these:



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