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  1. Have you ever had a crush on someone you shouldnt.

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    Well, my weirdest one is officially a death eater (will make sense to Harry Potter fans.. well the death eater part yes, but not the attraction necessarily).

    The story behind this is that I went to the Studio Tour, and luckily at Halloween which as an added attraction there were actors walkin around as Death Eaters. Death Eaters are a nasty evil character who helps Voldemort (I'm sure you've heard of him) so these guys were walking around pointing their wands at people. But something about this one guy, despite having a mask and having no idea what he looked like, was incredible. The only thing I can guess is it's something to do with the way he strutted around and the confidence in which he did it.

    Perhaps there's another part where he's an evil sadistic character and I'm a submissive at heart? Either way, can't stop thinking about him. He had a nice bum too!

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