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  1. 'clean' anal

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    ok here goes, i love anal but how can you quarantee that clean withdrawl.....so to speak.

    i know the obvious answes are make sure you go before hand,...what if you dont need to go, but still end up with more than youre bargained for on your toy or partner....

    it doesnt happen all the time so do you think it could be pressure speed and depth of penatration...advice ,stories hints tips all welcome, as im not going to the docs for that anal issue

    amyb [sign in to see picture]
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    you already now that you can buy the duoch kits (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22321) for cleaning, but i have also find that if you try drinking lots off sugary tea/coffee the day before this will help get things out of the way

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    When it comes to having clean anal sex the only real way to make it as clean as possible is douching.

    Although I don't recommend douching too often as it destories the natural mucus. Also it's best to douch around 4-6 hours beforehand. Try not to eat anything too heavy 2 hours before anal sex too.

    I get asked this a lot, and normally my reply is along these lines: All sex it dirty in some way or another, and with good sex, you almost always get messy.

    If you've worried about seeing the dirt upon withdrawal you could use black condoms as these help hide the colour of feces.

    The gut is a complicated things, if you eat well and things, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Our bodies tend to have their own body clock, and you often have atime when you (ahem) go to the toilet, taking this into account before anal sex can help.

    Although tea and coffee has a laxative effect, I'd advice drinking too much of itbefore anal sex, as it'll upset your stomach muscles and possibly make the experience of anal penetration uncomfortable. Also, so research suggests that having a high sugar diet can be bad as it dries up the natual gut flora.

    Drinking probiotects and eating fiber can help keep you regular.

    I don't believe it has anything to do with penetration speed or depth, it depends on when you last went to the toilet and how much you ate and what you ate, etc.

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    done all these, again i reckon is how empty you are.......i think being on long term meds dont help as i either dont go for days then im hardly out the loo for a day.....

    not exactly a regular bunny........which doesnt help as i know im not 'empty' as it where...............thankflly i have a coulpe of good fb and they know if ya mess with asses one day youre gonna get a bonus...lol

    oh as for the douch..had one ...then found the cat playing with the water container part and the dog happily chewing the probe, between them they broke into my toy cupboard and helped them selves....just glad it wasnt a toy..

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    i douche before hand. its normally quite clean. if not dont be embarrassed or make the other person embarrassed, its natural. you know what happens "back there" and you know its a risk when you do it xx

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    I can't tell you how important fibre is. Not only does it make you regular, it prevents any residue by keeping everything firm and easy to eject. I would suggest something like Fybogel. You drink two a day, they taste like orange, and keep everything much cleaner. The rest is just a quick finger or two in the shower and you are set!

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    Weve never had a problem with this. Ive never used a douche, neither has my husband. Maybe we are lucky, but we ensure we bath beforehand. Although if either of us had a dodgy stomach we would steer clear of anal fun!!

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    thanks guys others opions are welcomed...again i think my issue is down to always not feeling empty...may have to try this drink out...

    thankfully got great fb, when there was a small residue the other day...he cleaned my bum, felt dead wierd not known him that long he just said he helped make it....awww how lovely is that..

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    We are relatively new to anal sex (toys for years) and find that using an anal lube rather than 'normal' water based leads to very clean play with no prep other than a quick shower.

    I used to douche when I used toys on myself and it didn't seem to make a lot of difference, I switched to http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=9036 which gets all the mess out of the way in the bathroom but as someone has said previously, there always might be a little mess.

    For me the big change was when we changed lub to a silicon based but we have had 'clean' water based as well so diet before hand of course comes into it.

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