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  1. Something to help me-on-top sex?

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    My favourite position to cum in is me on top, while my husband sits up with his back against the headboard. In fact this is the only position I can cum in as I seem to have forgotten how to any other way! However this can be hard work and I struggle with what to do with my hands for support...I like a bit of help with leverage!

    We've stayed in hotels with great headboards at just the right height and that are nice and thick so I could hold on and hump away. The first thing I look at when checking in to a hotel is the headboard, I have become obsessed! I would ideally love one of these type at home, but we have a large padded headboard with nowhere to hold on which is fixed to the wall and which was expensive and awkward to fit, so my hub does not want to change it!

    I've been looking at sex furniture and like the idea of the 'angel wings' on here but it's out of stock and quite expensive. We have older children so ideally we'd like something that can be put away unobtrusively or can double up as something innocent if you get me! I'd love a couple of grab rails over the bed; I wish we had a tiled bedroom as then I could use those removable suction ones for bathrooms!

    I would love any suggestions that would make sex easier for me when I'm sitting on top. Thanks!

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    Can you grab hold of your OH's shoulders or get him to hold your hands maybe? or how about fixing a decorative rail or shelf to the wall behind the bedhead - which you could grab hold of. The Angel Wings thing looks interesting, looks a bit like one of those hotel room luggage stands...which you may be able to pick up on ebay...!?


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    how about some safty bars used for getting in and out of the bath

    or the short ones for upstairs climbing screw them on to the back of the headboard

    they are about 13 pounds each but worth every penny you'll find

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    What about something like this:


    behind his shoulders or the headboard itself?

    ...The wrong bed for sex is really annoying, ours is low down (shin busting height) and its pretty useless for doggystyle sex, in fact we both relish visiting the in-laws just for the bed, or we did until they removed almost all noise insulation from their house to 'reveal the wooden floors'.

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    We usually have sex with Mrs.P. on top of me and as often as not we grab each others tits as we work up to it. This might not work if you have an unusually stron grip ... The drawbaxk for us is that when she plays with my boobs it makes me come too soon - they've become quite sensitive over the years.

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    Hi Humper and welcome.

    If you can find a beam over your bed, above the headboard. . .

    You could attach a stainless steel ring through which you can thread bondage rope to hold onto. You can screw the ring back out when not in use! I have something like this in my bedroom as my OH likes to be wristbound and stretched upwards for sex, flogging and oily massages.

    Just an idea :)


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    Thanks for all your replies, you're a nice friendly lot here! Haha I had the same thought about those hotel luggage stands when I saw the angel wings!

    I am very interested in the strap, although it seems to be more for doggy, but I might get it just for that anyway! I couldn't put it round the headboard as it's king size width and about 5 foot high and fixed to the wall not the bed - I cant believe I bought such a stupid thing when I love humping on top!

    I do lean on hub's shoulders but I get carried away and hurt him sometimes and he has to tell me to ease off lol.

    I think what I will try is him sitting on the floor against the bed while I lean on the bed with my hands. If that doesn't work I'll rip the ruddy headboard off myself!

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