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  1. Flavoured Lube- taste comparisons

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    Well, I've been pondering buying some flavoured lube- I'm very excited about the Sliquid range, but I honestly cant decide between the different flavoures.

    Now, I know some people have tried describing the taste of flavoured lubes in reviews, but really on the product pages it's up to the reviewer if they even think to describe it. So I was wondering about starting a thread, solely for comparing the tastes of different lubes of different brands (popular flavours like cherry, etc which it seems everyone does),and also the closest comparison you can make in terms of flavour to proper food/sweet tastes. And I'll be adding here with my own comparison, as soon as I pick a bottle and try it- I'm not just asking for help for chosing myself.

    So... what are your favourite types/brands of flavoured lube, and what would you say they taste of?

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    think this is a good idea, i have to say that to me most the flavoured lubes i have tried kinda taste "ok" nothing special apart from which i think had the best taste "i had strawberry/kiwi"

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    I have been using Pasante Cherry which is a really good, nice basic lube, but tastes very artificial. The smell is lovely to start with but even that gets a bit chemical after a while. Then again, I find most cherry sweets taste artificial - but comparing to something like cherryade, where the sweetness is the overpowering quality, in this case it was simply the flavouring agent that pushed through. I couldn't find it on the website so not sure if LH has discontinued it - they still do the strawberry from the same range though, I would imagine it's similar as that usually tends to be the case. However - a good budget buy.

    I bought the ID Frutopia Banana one not too long ago, initial impression was very nice, but then I haven't put that one to a good long testing yet. Taste was close to something like those foam marshmallowy banana sweets. Really strong flavour though, even the tiniest drop is intense, so not for the very taste-sensitive - basically I licked it good and went "yuck", then wiped some (excess?) off and voilá, like eating sweets!

    My current favourite is the Intimate Organics Mint + Chocolate, which LH sadly don't sell anymore :( I like the mintiness but at the same time I don't want my partner to taste of toothpaste, the added chocolate was just ideal - now contemplating whether to try the other mint one they stock, after reading the reviews not entirely sure what to think, which seems to be the general consensus anyway...

    Hmm, must write some reviews :) I think my next one to try will be the Sliquid Apple, just sounds sooo good!

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