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  1. how to seduce my boyfriend?

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    gunther wrote:

    Honeytongue wrote:

    People can only be seduced when they are open to the idea - otherwise it just feels like harassment.

    That is so true, many things Frenchfancy said she had tried would be great if the guy is in the mood but possibly scary if he isnt or has issues or worries

    spot on apparently ;) lol

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    Sexyboots wrote:

    Maybe he feels pressure to perform and doesn't understand that you love him and are turned on by him and want him ...not just sex for the sake of it. It might just be that life got it the way. I do know that some men find intamacey with a woman they feel close to and have feelings for very scary and porn and masturbation are a completely separate thing to them as they can empty their balls in a boiological way and there is no contact. Not that all men regard it that way (don'y want to upset any one )

    I know the feeling of being ignored or pushed away and it makes you feel unwanted, unattractive, and insignifacant . If talking and explaining your feelings ( and I know that's difficult...I'm rubbish at expressing my feelings when it actually matters!!) doesn't help and he is not willing to try and help you feel better and meet your needs then quite simply he is not the man for you.

    we have spoken on neutral ground since and he said he felt used as someways i feel like he is using me and we're working on the 'intimacy' part leading to the 'fucking' part so that i feel like i'm getting the intimacy aspect of it while he feels appreciated more during the 'fucking' part because we just seemed to have disconnected in some way...

    i wish they explained all this in sex ed, all the stuff that goes with it while in a relationship!


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    tff Im glad your working it out

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