1. shaving tips?

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    use an elilator, yes it hurts and i scary as you have to do it yourself, but they grow backk alot less and with thiner hairs!

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    I've been shaving all over for many years, in every place on my body I can name and nothing is worse than a shaving rash in the pubic area, I think the best advice i can share is ALWAYS USE A BRAND NEW RAZOR. Use a new razor, shave downwards as going against the hair can get it smoother but theres more chance the razor will scratch the skin and give you a rash, shaving downwards can leave a bit of stubble but if you go gently you can always shave again. And afterwards if youre feeling brave enough and it's practical to do so, especially in this hot weather, go without knickers as the seam can rub on the pubic area and inflame the regrowth, so go without and it should make a difference. Use a good razor, too. Don't use cheap ones. And if shaving foam doesnt help much, try using hair conditioner - trust me, it will glide the blade over the skin!.

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    I lack this problem since lasers came into my life but if you've already got the red bumps a cotton ball dabbed with Tendskin is a brilliant remedy.

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