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  1. Euphemisms

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    This is a rant (and my first thread starter) ...

    I hate euphemisms. Well, really, I hate shame and guilt because they seem to lead to so much badness, and euphemisms always seem to remind me of shame and guilt.

    I don't experience shame and guilt myself for some reason. But I do experience the fallout from them in people close to me. And it sucks.

    One thing I hate about euphemisms is that they seem to be an attempt to disguise reality into something else, for the sake of Other People. And those Other People are often the ones who make US uncomfortable by treating us and our biology as if it were something we should be hiding.

    I mean, you can go around in public with your children, which is absolute proof that SOMEBODY has had sex SOMETIME (not to mention that our very own existence is proof of that in most cases), but we can't mention the names of certain body parts in public for fear of censure?!

    I mean, the euphemisms for menstruation bother me a lot. I feel really angry when anybody tries to behave as though my biological functions, which I cannot control, are something I should hide. Why should I hide the fact that I menstruate? I BLEED, dammit! So what? Sue me.

    And sex. We all enjoy our bodies. (at least I hope we do!) Yet a lot of people behave as if only PARTS of our bodies are socially acceptable. Like, if I can talk about a wart on my finger in public, why on earth can't I talk about genital warts too!?

    And without open and free discussion of these things, a lot of people won't know about them until it's too late.

    So, I hate euphemisms.

    Anybody else?

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