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  1. wish me luck.......

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    Hub has turned his 'man den' into a dungeon for the night, he's been busy buying, busy sawing/hammering and goodness only knows what's in store ( he hasn't let on yet )......he adapted a chair for intimate access for the wand etc a couple of weeks ago and seems to have decided to go for more furniture!

    and a mysterious huge parcel arrived earlier,,,,,,,,wondering if he's carried out his threat to get an f machine.....

    right off for a stiff drink and to apply some war paint.....oh and a little latex number :-)

    wish me luck, if you don't hear from me for a while either i'll be in seventh heaven or something will have gone wrong with his handiwork and i'll be at A+E !

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    That sounds awesome - you lucky thing!

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    have fun you luckey littel thing

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    Cool - have a good evening!

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    Have a fantastic time and report back. I want details......lots of details!!!

    LMF xx

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    That sounds excellent, would love to build a dungeon like that! Good luck, but doesn't sound like you need it to me!

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    Sounds horny!

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    Good luck! i hope you dont end up in A&E!!!

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    Keep us posted.................latex number ....mmmmhhh!

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    Let us know how you get on, you lucky thing! :) Have a good evening, I hope it isn't spent in A&E! x

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    you lucky girl

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    no ambulance, no A+E, just a lot of fun :-)

    the 'den' was transformed with a 'cross', spanking/play bench and a 'chill' area with throws........

    A nice drink to kick off with, sitting there with my latex dress listening to some relaxing music a little dance for him and then with him before he blindfolded me and peeled away that latex.........he had me stand on something that felt like vinyl/plastic ( turned out to be a little empty paddling pool when the blindfold eventually was removed ), with wrists gently bound he soaped me with warm water and then found an alternative use for shaving foam.........what a feeling, blinfilded loving the smell, the sensations and trying to figure out what he was doing/using ( again when revealed....a little shaving brush and a rubbery pastry brush made for some gorgeous sensations as he softly stroked various hot spots - nothing obvious though).

    Dried off and led back to the sofa with another drink for a brief interlude before being led to the cross. A new thing for me! Blindfolded stilll.......

    The microwave pinged ' what the heck' ? Ahhhh soothing warm oil dripped onto my shoulders running down my back and down my front towards my breasts..........hands ( yeah i could work that out ) massaging more warm oil into my upper body and then down to my thighs and lower legs........and then those unfamilair strokes and teases once again ( paintbrush, another shaving brush, feather, plastic fork to created a little sting )....goodness i was on my toes a few times as i couldn't contain myself ( and all without touching me anywhere 'naughty')......

    and then his 'creation' - released from the cross he showed off what he'd made yesterday a sort of spanking/fun bench: kneel on side 'rests' and lie on the top for a little spanking or lie back down on the top for more 'ordinary' fun. I've always fancied a bit of spanking ( note a bit!!)....so he'd been busy buying a few heavier duty bits n pieces to add to teh little suede flooger that we got from LH a while back. It was that soft suede that warmed me up......flopped/draped across my back, with a soft swish or two across my bum before the new items came out. Facing forwards i wasn't sure which was which - aside from the different sensations that each made, i guess for hardcore 'spankers' this would be 'amateur' level but teh tingles in my cheeks was such a turn on, and ohhhhh whats that? Turned out it was a soft crop being used against my puss, God it was lovely, a rapid series of gentle 'taps' that had me squirming yet again..........

    He asked me to stay where i was but to turn over onto my back and wheeled on what had obviously been in the large parcel that had arrived yesterday....an 'f machine'.......mmm found a nice speed and stroke length and that gave him time to enjoy other parts of my body, kissing, licking.....before he joined forces 'down below ' with his tongue......def 7th heaven by then! Didn't put the machine through every pace or with every attachment as by now it was time for some Hub fun. So 'Props' were substitued for the real thing........

    The evening past soo fast, we didn't even delve into the toy chest ( may have time today with kids permitting)..

    for anyone that enjoys spicing up a massage there's a load of props that can bring some beautiful sensations (i'd never have thought of them, handy that i'm married to someone who's creative): pastry brushes, fine make up brush, plastic forks, faux fur, a chilled whisk., wooden spatula and the funniest that i'd def never had thought of - a little nutmeg grater used gently makes a lovely tingle........and for those with 'wands' a microphone stand ( small ) makes for a good hands free vehicle to allow the OH (or you ) to concentrate on other things.......on the 'wand'....Hub has recently been experiementing ( on me mmm ) with other ways of getting some internal sensation as the attachments for me aren't that good, little thought, try them with a plug or something else that fits insideyour puss the wand hitting the base of that and providing sensations to the rest of the puss is gorgeous.......

    right time for tea and brekkie :-)


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    You lucky lucky girl sounds such fun x

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    That could have come staight out of an Erotic fiction thread haha

    Im glad you had fun!

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    Jealous? You bet.....

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    SO jelous!!!! :D glad you didnt end up in AandE xx

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    wow....just wow :D

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    LilMissFrustrated wrote:

    Have a fantastic time and report back. I want details......lots of details!!!

    LMF xx

    Yes good luck you have a keeper there :)

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    '' a keeper'' - well 25 yrs into our being together i'd have to agree :-)

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