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  1. D-Mannose for cystitis / UTI?

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    Cystitis seems to plague me ever so often these days and am getting a bit fed up right now - so looked into some new possible treatments for it and came across something called D-Mannose. It's supposed to be an all-natural sugar that should help clear cystitis in no time by "eliminating" /washing away the e coli.

    Has anyone actually tried this? Any experiences?

    Some websites I've seen it on promise next day delivery, I'm pretty tempted to just go for it and order some, concentrating on work is near impossible at the moment :(

    cheer_up [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm sorry I can't offer any advice on the D-Mannose, but have you considered/do you take cranberry tablets? cranberry's excellent for flushing you out, and the tablets are easier to remember and probably work out cheaper than drinking a glass of the juice every day.

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    I have done cranberry in the past too, but sometimes people also say it's been counter-productive as the cranberry can mask the infection and it has then spread further / worsened without them noticing.

    Just interested if anyone had tried D-Mannose specifically, not too sure about spending nearly £20 on it if it's just as good as cheaper herbals and "home remedies", then again I would not think twice if it really did what the websites promise and make you feel better within just a few hours.

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    ive had them permanently for 3 years. antibiotics and otc do nothing at all, and doctors are useless. the only thing ive found that helps is drinking millions of water and adding some bicarb when you think its going bad. oooh and squeeze down really hard when you wee! the longer you have it, the more you'll learn to avoid certain things or how to make it go! avoid citrus juice!!

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    My girlfriend has recurring Cystitis which she can get about 5 times a year, sometimes it will be worse than other times. The story of Cranberry helping is a bit of a myth, it can help some people & some it can make worse.
    Depending on how bad it is I think people are prescribed different things, so your best bet would be to see the Doctor. Its not a nice thing to live with & really pays to have all the information to curing it quickly, before the next time it arrives.

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    I hope you don't mind me replying on this as it's the first time I have posted on here

    Over the last few years I've been plagued with UTI's and a friend of mine suggested D-Mannose as she had used it so thought I'd give it a try

    Last week I got another UTI and couldn't get into see the doctor so decided to give them ago, i took about 4 in one day and the same the next day and I mist say it got rid of it.

    I hope this helps x

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    Hey naughtynurse, haven't been on here for a while so late reply... That's really interesting to hear - did you take tablets or the powder stuff? Do you remember the dosage, etc? The more I read the more convinced I am it would be a handy thing to have in the medicine cupboard just in case.

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