1. Mind control/Hypnosis Fetish

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    So my partner has a hypnosis fetish. He's asked me to hynotise him for his birthday (which is a few months away). I don't even have any idea if this is possible!?

    I wondered if anyone had any ideas of introducing mind control into the bedroom. We have a 100% trusting relationship and already partake in bondage and power play, he is submissive anyway.

    Has anyone ever heard of using hypnotism for recreation? And whether it is achievable by a novice?

    Some things he's mentioned are mindcontrol that gives him an erection when hearing a certain word or something that makes him submit to me.

    Any tips/advice/warnings or just any facts on the subject would be greatly appreciated as i am really unsure on how to progress! Though I would love to give him the best birthday ever!

    Thank you :)

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    as part of Hubbys exploring he hypnotised me a few months back, just the once........not because i didn't like it or that anything went wrong, just that he then decided to try some other way of putting me under and it didn't work and since then he's been off exploring yet more 'kink'. He used some form of a script if i recall by a guy called David 'someone'........allegedly he made me pretend i'd grown a cock and had me play with it til it 'came'.....wish he'd had the foresight to record it on his phone because it's so far out there for me that i had doubts. That said been together a very very long time and i trust his word.....just like to have see what the heck i was doing!

    He didn't do anything else that time as it was a trial run.........wonder if he'll return to that train of thought again.....( not the cock !!).....his idea was to suggest a trigger word that would have me squirming........

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    id like to try it as well ( me being hypnotised)

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    mmm will have to distract Hub from his latest project now that i've been reminded of the 'possibilities' !

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    This is something that massively interests us also

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    You can use neuro-linguistic programming to make people have incredible physical responses to words. It takes time and patience to set up but when successful can be ysed to trigger orgasms etc.

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    I stumbled upon hypnosis in the bedroom by accident, and it is definitely possible. I'm not sure how long it would take you to learn a skill like hypnotism, but I'd be curious to find out!

    Another option would be buying an off the shelf version.There are a bunch of different websites that offer mp3hypnotism recordings with different bedroom topics. Some of the sites do charge a fee, but if you look hard, you can find ones that don't. It just depends whether the free ones offer the experiences you'd like.

    I found a awesome site, but its only for use by women. I've never really bought into the whole hynotism thing, but after listening to this guy I am hooked. Not sure whether I can post his site here tho..

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