1. calling all men....

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    i agree with naked_butler BUT it has to be done right, if done wrong (a lot of the thime this is the case) can look a bit trashy which is a turn off for me. also attitude is a key player in the situation where there are quite a few stuck up girls who look un aproachable in these sort of situations. A LOT OF GUYS ARE SHY (including me sometimes) we dont have big cleavage on show t boost out confidence so i think its fair if girls come and approachh us guys 2.

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    Im too shy when it comes to women, but with my girlfriend when i met her i suddenly had confidence. I think we all know a potential one in some way. but I like a cute girl her comfortable with her self which gets me down at my girlfriend isnt comfortable about her self. I find if you erxcept your self more people except you because you dont dwell on your self and have more interest in the person you are talking too.

    A nice smile bis important as well you can tell a lot with a smile as it shows interest, mood and other things. I see girls at work who come in and some feel like you could ask them out as they smile and giggle around you asd your serving.

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    I think there should be an attraction ( physical ) immediatley when you see someone. Nice skin, hair and how a women dresses make all the difference. To me, size doesnt really matter as long as those attributes are there. I do like a nice arse as well but then dont we all

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    I used to work in a late-night bar/club, really interesting place for observing this sort of stuff. Attention-grabbing vs. showing that you feel attractive I think is the key difference. (and no, I didn't say pretty, I said attractive. Anyone can, and will, be attractive to someone even if they weren't born with a supermodel physique because it's not all about the looks)

    It's not necessarily the amount of skin / cleavage / leg on show, but how you do it. I read this somewhere, "Only show flesh if you can deal with the attention". Men are simple in that way - if you have your boobs out, people will look at them. Then pretending to be offended by someone staring a little bit too long - seriously? Women who are genuinely comfortable in their skin and with showing it off, men rarely construe this as an invitation for a grab-and-go, but little girlies who think that's how you look grown-up & cool (wild? hot? you know..) but are NOT entirely happy in their attire - will look just easy targets for sleazebags.

    I am always very aware of what I am wearing and showing, and if it works - ie admiring looks - I find that flattering. No, I don't wear skimpy essex girl dresses, but I might for example go out in a loose t-shirt and a miniskirt, and I know more men will pay attention to my legs. Very simple. I used to wear low-cut tops behind the bar on nights when I wanted to make a lot of tips and baggy tops when I was tired / hungover / wanted to be left alone.

    My other rule: never bare everything at one. Low-cut top + jeans or jumper + short skirt gets attention but doesn't make you look cheap. Same goes with skintight, if one garment is super tight then need to compensate with other bits that are a bit more "relaxed".

    But the most important thing of all, I think, is being comfortable and actually enjoying yourself rather than wearing/saying/thinking/doing anything just to give others a good show. Blatantly attention-seeking "lesbian" kisses on the dancefloor in the hopes of having a few drinks bought to you - cheap one-night stand material. Dancing with your friends genuinely having fun and maybe being a bit silly too - better. My pet hate is girls who go out in super short skirts and then spend all night pulling them down, lest their knickers show... (I also group tops that needs constant pulling up and high heels that need to come off after 45min because they hurt in this category). Uh-oh!

    Edit: I second the previous posters too on the attitude thing - stuck-up, i'm too good for the likes of you thinking shows on your face, always.

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    When it come to women for me, as long as they are kind enough to talk to me then, I don't mind at all, even if I'm just standing in a supermarket checkout line & I may say something to a lady in passing, as for me with my other half , I'm lucky that she believes the 50/50 rule of thumb whereby we pay for everything jointly straight down the middle, of course the most important thing is love & I really enjoy making her laugh & smile.

    I find that the way I feel is I'm truly blessed to have a partner like her, although there maybe times when we don't always see eye to eye, I'm thankful for everyday I get to share with her. (Sorry if that sounds a little sugary)

    I do have to admit, I was never a person for going out to night clubs I didn't have the confidence, I was however blessed the day I met my partner.

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    I guess as long as a man is attentive & caring & has a loving & caring love life, that is also a good thing, sorry I don't usually post on topics as I'm not the most insightful person.

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    I would go for a woman if looking a bit classier than some, and not making a big deal. Nice quite sensible one makes me want her more than some girl really drunk, short skirt and dancing with everyone that's there.

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    Everyone's taste is different. Personally I'm a sucker for a nice smile. I will always go for a warm, sunny personality rather than the sulky/pouty type. I also love long dark hair (or dyed red) and have a thing for rock/goth and alternative girls. Partly it's the look which I find incredibly sexy, but also I find these girls tend to be intelligent, sensitive and more tolerant/open minded on the whole.

    Body-wise I like an old fashioned hour glass figure (the Jessica Bunny type!) with full hips, curvacious bum, narrow waist and pert breasts. Breast size isn't that important to me as long as a girl looks in proportion. I also tend to go for small girls and have been accused of having a dwarf-fetish (lol!) as many of the girls I've been involved with have been 5'3" or less. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because small girls often seem to develop bubbly/fun personalities in my experience.

    As for clothes I like skirts and dresses on a girl, which I find more feminine (and stockings), but a tight pair of jeans if you have a nice bum can be very sexy too. In my opinion too many girls just follow the latest trend instead of picking something which compliments their colouring and body shape. I'm put off by girls who have everything on display as I find it a bit crass, but something which shows off your figure or leads the eye like a bit of cleavage or flash of leg is erotic. The same with make-up. A bit to highlight your best features is sexy but I'm turned off by girls who look like they've put it on with a trowel or who have an oompa-loompa orange fake tan. Tacky.

    But ultimately it's a warm,cute smile that always does me. As long as her figure includes an obvious waist anything else is just a bonus and I wouldn't care if she wore a potatoe sack!

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    As with more-or-less everyone else who's posted, I'm more attracted to your understated, quiet type than someone collapsing in a drunken heap with their boobs falling out. Particularly attractive things include:

    • A hat. (Not a baseball cap, you understand - a trilby or something similar)
    • A decent haircut (something that suits you, be it long & flowing, or a short pixie-cut)
    • Glasses (can really compliment a face and a nice pair of...)
    • ...eyes! (Is there anything more attractive than a nice pair of eyes?)
    • A smile! (Works wonders - makes you look warm & approachable.)
    • A not-too-tarty outfit. (I love a lady in jeans & a (band?) t-shirt, but a going-out outfit can be equally good, as long as it's not too slapperish.)
    • A pair of converse! (I've never met a girl in converse who I didn't like!)

    For me, unattractive things include:

    • 'abused' hair. (if your hair is naturally curly why iron it completely flat every day? Be happy with who you are!)
    • masses & masses of make-up. (the kind you need a JCB to get through.)
    • A scowl. (cheer up, love! You're meant to be enjoying yourself!)
    • A loud, shouty, attention-seekery voice. (if I really want to hear your funny tampon story I'll ask, thanks)
    • Effin' & blindin'. (A bit of well-placed swearing can be both justified & quite sexy. Calling everyone an 'effin caaaaant every other sentance isn't.)
    • Lots of chunky bling. (Hello, Lizzy Duke!)
    • An orange suntan. (No! Just no!)
    • Tits & arse on display. (One or other, please. Not both.)

    Bloody hell, that was cathartic!

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    I am unusual in the sense that I look at a woman from the ground up !

    I like Sexy small Feet (pref in very high heels)

    I like petite women so I look for height

    These are all physical but a woman can have all this but have a shit personality and that is most definetley a turn off and thats when you get to the stage where you think right F *** Off now !

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    Bright eyes and a welcoming smile always did it for me.

    Slow sensual kissing - massive turn on for me.

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