1. How soon can you get hard again?

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    5-10 minutes, usually.

    I'm very...fast. so. its embarrasing.

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    I used to think that this was something that just got longer with age. However, I have found that, along with improvements in how hard I get initially, I find that pelvic floor exercises have restored my ability to stay hard having cum. There is a reflex, triggered by pressure changes in the penis which causes the ischiocavernosus muscle and the bulbocavernosus muscle to contract and pump the penis up. I reckon that if these muscles have good tone then you can keep hard almost indefinitely so long as you can start thrusting again fairly soon after cumming.

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    I always thought men came and that was it..... game over so to say =S but I am happy (ok VERY happy) to say that my current OH can become errect almost straight away after ejaculating. We have however been together nearly 3 years and dont get time to have the long sessions that we used to so most times he gets excited again as we end up cwtching to sleep and I have him digging in my back lol...... love eh? ;)

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    I need about a half hour!!! Very poor show indeed!

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    Not a poor show at all ruffnek, better than many..... people shouldnt put themselves down as I am sure you spend this time doing many other things!

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    ruffnek wrote:

    I need about a half hour!!! Very poor show indeed!

    I wouldn't say that is a poor show ruffnek, my partner & I very rarely do it twice in a row, I tend to believe in using other means to keep my oh satisfied, she loves oral (so much so she usually pushes my head down towards her straight away from there on in I just enjoy performing oral until she is horny enough to ride me) so after I have finished I usually perform a bit of oral on her as well, as for a long sex session we usually spend about 1hr mabe a 1hr & a half enjoying sex, as for getting hard again, as I say we usually don't do it twice in a row, my oh hasn't got a high sex drive, she is happy with just 1 good session then that's it, on the occasions when we have done it twice it has taken me mabe 1hr to get to the point of getting hard, so I shall just hang my head in shame.

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    It usually only takes me about 2-3 minutes to get a full erection again, but then it normally takes a bit longer before I can ejaculate second time round than it does the first.

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    of course u can hun

    Naked_butler wrote:

    for me i have to mentally reset. switch off from sex for a few mins so wen think or see or hear something sexual it flicks my switch once more.

    i thought i should say as this type of question will be answered by the guys who are rightly proud of being energiser bunnies but u didnt describe ur other half like that i.e he has less sex drive than you.

    what about toys for him to use on you while he recovers?

    :-) good point well made.

    I have a couple of different toys in my collection now ;-) so I will take the advice and use it.

    Can I come to you if I have any other questions, as I have really apperciated your honest advice

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    I would say 15-20minutes and im good to go again,thats If we have had a very fun session that can make me want it again by thinking about the time we have just had that will allways make me get that horny feeling all over gain.

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    With the right attention I am ready to go again after about 3-4minutes. The 2nd orgasm is somewhere over the hills and far away though and boredom/ partner satisfation always intervenes before that point is reached! Always wanted two Os in a row... one day!


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    well yesterday i got up at half past two in the morning flew from germany to uk did my job pickeed OH up at 5 past 5 had a chat went to bed had a great sixty nine dozed off made love again went to a resteraunt and got home for the germany holland match

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