1. Burlesque Classes

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    I recently found out that an amazing preformer is holding burlesque classes locally and I was wondering if anyone had been to a burlesque class before! Not sure what to expect... maybe there will be a classes show for partners at the end?

    Would everyone else be brave enough to go?

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    Ooooh, I'd LOVE To do classes like these! A shame that I live in the middle of nowhere... ho hum! If you do go, I'd love to hear more about them.

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    I think if I can get all the info on it I will go for sure! I think I'm going to keep everyone update on what happens! Its something everyone should try I think, I'm hoping for a big boost in body confindence... plus its held in an amazing cocktail bar so there will be some delicious courage before!

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    When I did burlesque dancing, half the session was dedicated to a work-out which was basically a chairdance. The instructor had her chair at the front and we all followed her lead, kind of like a Zumba class but sexier!

    The second half was dedicated to learning a striptease dance routine, and we had to take heels for this part of the class. It looked very odd, a load of women in trackies and sexy heels :P

    It was so much fun though, and very empowering. I'd really recommend trying it. If you're nervous, ring the instructor and ask. That's what I did, and she was so lovely it totally took away all my nerves.

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    Would love to go, just so i can have some Burlesque stuff like the fans etc...Don't think i've got room for a giant cocktail glass!!

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    I WOULD LOVE to do something like that it sound fab...

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    I'd love to do Burlesque! I'd be too shy to go to classes though I think.... Let us know if you do go though, I'd love to hear what it's like! :)

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    Oh my gosh! That would be amazing if I could get my hands on some giant fans! :D I really feel excited now to go, but the organiser hasnt emailled me back yet! I might have to go to the bar tomorrow

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