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  1. When the ex is a problem...


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    A lot of guys find it hard to say "I love you" dunno why but there it is.

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    even more of a problem when kids involved, beleive me

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    ShaftMaster wrote:

    littleminnie wrote:

    I think I have to accept he is a bloke and they show it more than say it.

    Have to admit that I'm like that. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one.

    oh he doesn't say anything, I go by his actions. I'd love him just to say even once how he feels or whats goin on in his head, but I've learned if he's as happy as usual then he is happy in our relationship. We're a pretty chilled couple but I frequently have to deal with my insecurities purely due to him not saying it. In his defence, he shows it all the time :D

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    Is it ever okay to text them out of the blue?

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    Interesting thread I must say.

    I am too a good friend of my ex (together for 4 y), and my OH was recently questioning why I still had pictures of us together on my FB. My ex and I have the same circle of friends, its to tied together that I found it hard to even try dating, so I moved to another town to meet new people. It worked. :)

    It feels very natural for me to hang out with my ex, being best friends, and just play some xbox together. For a long time after we broke up we where still hooking up, and I am afraid my OH might be worried that if i spend time with my ex that we are also having sex (even if we aren't) I don't feel I have to ask my OH permission to hang out with my ex, is that bad?

    as afraodnotscared says:

    With regard to the old emails & texts, again, don't worry. I've got letters, emails, texts & photos documenting my entire relationship history. I like to have them because they are mementos of a different time, and something that helped make me the person I am today. What I've never, ever done is actually look at any of them - for me it's enough to know that they are there & I would no more want to delete them/chuck them out that I'd want to saw off my own foot.

    When I do hang out at my ex place I sometimes help him out with laundry (he was always rubbish at that and is very stressed out due to school and work), and my OH thinks that is really strange, is it?

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