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  1. Saltwater enema

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    has anyone tryed a saltwater enema . I want to but am not sure what sort of salt to use, because tablesalt has a cakeing compound in it and I am not sure what that might do.

    You can get sea salt but I am not sure if that might be to strong.

    Has anyone got any advice .


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    Enemas should be slightly saline due to the osmotic potential across the semi permeable membranes of the colon. The lower intestines job (in part) is to absorb water, if you introduce pure water then you increase drastically the water input to the body, people say if you have a water only enema then you run to the loo for a pee frequently. A saline (ie salty) solution means the osmotic potential is in balance and water neither passes into or out of the body. The type of salt is not really important just the concentration.

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    Not entirely sure why you'd want a saltwater enama?

    My advice would be to buy saline from a reputable online source.

    Remember not to use it chilled though - as cramping will occur.

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