1. any one else have a partner with low sex drive?

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    That's so kind, Lizzie, thank you.

    I've already been there, and it didn't work. Every six months or so, I give it to her straight, and after some tears she says she'll change - and for a couple of weeks she'll actually bother herself to take her clothes off - but it's all soon forgotten and back to how it's always been.

    In the past I let it get to me, and I even tried some outrageous solutions - but now I'm resigned to it. I love her with all my heart, and have to face up to the reality that in this particular department, she just doesn't place any priority how I feel about things.

    Few people are so lucky as to have blissfully happy relationships, and almost everyone I'm sure goes through ups and downs - but I would say your husband is very lucky to have someone like you, who is receptive to change and generous of spirit.

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    morefun wrote:

    I'm in same situation, tried everything from extra effort, talking to him about how he feels and asking questions but all he will say is 'I don't know' or 'I don't feel like it'. I've told him how much it hurts me being rejected all the time when I've never rejected him once even when I've been sick or tired and I didn't feel like it. He just doesn't seem to care at all.

    Like another poster said we've gone from going to bed at the same time every night, to him going whilst I stay up and wait til he is asleep and me avoiding any situations which might make me want him more. Only issue with that is I'm feeling less and less close to him as time goes by. There is no intimacy other than a quick hug or peck on the lips, if I suggest it's not enough and we are more like friends he says he will put more effort in but never actually does.

    I dont know the answer but good luck with your letter. I hope it helps sort out the issue for you.

    That sounds very similar to my situation hunni - i have added you as a friend, perhaps we can chat. xx

    Mrsarthur, have added you also x

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    i hear you guys not since boxing day

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    I have a couple of friends in this sitiuation. The woman is highly sexed but her husband has a low sex drive. Fortunately for them, they're swingers so when they have some free time, they go to swingers clubs. She has sex with several men (safe sex always) during the course of the evening. He's also dropped her off to a guys house for sex and then picked her up afterwards (he only does this with men they both know well).

    Of course, this type of solution would only suit a minority of couples.

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