1. Vaginal sex vs anal sex.....

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    VAGINAL! defo! anal just grosses me out, and even after several attempts it's not worth it (feeling wise)... just uncomfortable.


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    sweetlove666 wrote:

    this is the only thing I'll ever agree with Christopher Hitchens on

    “The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics.

    So vaginal for me!

    well we love champagne and picnics I love lobster anal sex is a very rare treat something different

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    My ex went through phases of what she preferred. New girl doesn't like anal.

    Personally i'm not a huge fan of receiving and as for which I prefer doing I'm quite a giver in the bedroom so if she is happy then so am I

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    My partner enjoys both but as AA said they are quite different and it really depends what mood we're in and how much time we want to spend on it.

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    I given anal to my partner but neither of us enjoyed it, but I would understand people who do I thin vaginal is the best though I find it feels better for me and mianly my partner. Although if your in the right mod I think people would just do what ever and be expermental.

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    My gf definately prefers anal, but depending on mood, she likes about equal doses of both.

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    Never had anal so i cant say. It has always been a very very tight fit but tbh i like it vaginal so i am not too bothered.

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